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How to Create Listings On Amazon?

Do you remember the days when customers rely only on physical stores to purchase a product? They used to purchase from a physical store with limited options. Customers have to adjust according to the products and other options available at the store. They had very minimal options to select.

Now with the advent of the E-commerce platform, everything is available easily. Customers are provided with a number of options to select. They need a perfect product, so they go on searching. It is impossible to search for a product from 36 million products. So buyers search for 8 to 10 similar products in the top three pages and purchase them. To make sales, your products must be visible to the customers. As a seller, your job is to make it visible to all potential buyers so that they can purchase it. It is like a showcase displaying your product and listing image on a search result page to get customers.

Things Should be Noted While Creating Listing on Amazon

To create an excellent Amazon product listing few points are to be focused on. 

  • Product Title
  • Image
  • Product Descriptions
  • Bullet Points/Features
  • Keywords

Product Title 

Product titles should have product names and keywords. The title should include the main features of the product. Try to include keywords relevant to your products. The title can have a maximum of 200 characters. 


Images of the product play an important role in attracting potential customers. You can use infographic product images which helps in driving sales. It is preferred to upload all side product images in the right size is important. The image should have a white background. Product features must be visible in the product image. Please do not compromise on image quality as it helps in increasing traffic to your product listing page. Check out this blog for how to optimize images to boost sales in Amzon

Product Description

The product description should have all details related to the product. Using keywords, important or attractive words in the description is highly encouraged. The description should exactly describe the product. A+ content should have product details with brand name and other information. Detailed product description with bullet points plays a key role. 

Bullet Points/Features

Bullet points are quick and easy to read and get information. It describes the product in short and meaningful words. It is an excellent way to drive customers to purchase your product. In bullet points or product features, write benefits and explain how your product solves customers’ problems.

Product Keywords

Keywords are also important in driving organic sales. Optimizing your product listing is essential to drive traffic and gain sales. By optimizing your product listing, you can increase traffic to your listing, boost conversions, and gain sales. Amazon has its own set of rules to rank its products on the search list. Find out which keyword attracts more customers and add to your content and run ads campaigns as well. Your product rises or falls in the search results depending on the way you build your product listing. 

Here are the steps to set up your Amazon Listing

  1. To create a unique listing, log into your Seller Central Dashboard. Click on the menu “Inventory” from this pop-down menu and select “Add a Product”. 
  2. On the product creation page, you have a choice of either selecting an existing product or making your own. Select “Create a new listing” for a unique product.
  3. Choose your product categories and subcategories to classify your product.  
  4. It prompts you to fill in your product listing information like Title, Description, Images, etc.
  5. Feed all data and Save & Countinue. It takes 15 to 30 Minutes to get live in amazon product detail page. 

You can also use inventory feed file template for bulk uploading products.

Product Optimization:

Once you have listed the product, you can do optimization based on the Listing Quality Dashboard that suggests the recommended values to increase the product visibility. You can optimize the listings by entering maximum attributes relavent to the listings. Content optimization increases click rate, which directly results in product increase sales. By optimizing your product listing, you can increase visits to your listing, boost conversions, and gain sales.  There are wide range of tools available such as Jungle Scout Listing Builder for optimizing the listings.

So, Why are Still Waiting? Its time for creating your listings! If you need any help on these services, you can conatct Newgenmax. Also, check out our advanced Amazon seller course and use coupon code AMAZON to avail it at 50% off. 

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