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How to Apply for GTIN Exemption in Amazon

If you think about the e-commerce business, definitely Amazon will strike your mind. Amazon is the largest global marketplace where sellers have a profit-making intention of selling on their platform. There are several criteria for sellers for listing their products on Amazon.

Today, many sellers are facing issues in passing through the Product ID. To sell on Amazon, the Product ID is mandatory. It is nothing but GTIN, EAN, UPC. The main challenge of all sellers is getting a Product ID. In this blog, we will see about GTIN in detail. It also covers how to get GTIN Exemption and the errors you will face while applying for it in brief.

What is GTIN?

GTIN means Global Trade Item Number. It is also called Product ID in Amazon. In the e-commerce business, if you want to sell a product that already listed in Amazon catalogue you can map the product by adding the offer(Price). If you want to sell the same product with your own brand name you need GTIN to create new listing(ASIN).  

Note: GTIN exemption is not available for some brands as these brands have a barcode on their products.

 How to list products that do not have a GTIN?

Now, if you want to sell products on Amazon for which the brand or manufacturer or publisher does not provide a GTIN, then go for GTIN exemption. There are certain cases where you can claim GTIN exemption for products without barcodes, homemade or handmade products, private-label products etc. 

GTIN exemption is given to products that do not have a product ID. If a seller wants to list a product under a different category, the seller has to apply for the GTIN exemption.

How to apply for GTIN exemption?

Step 1: Click this GTIN Exemption Link

Step 2: Select your Category and enter Brand Name, Click Check for Eligibility

If your brand is eligible for GTIN exemption, you have to submit the proof nothing but Product name and realtime product images. The brand name must be the same on application, and permanently affixed on product or package. Once everything is ready, apply for a GTIN exemption on the seller central account. Enter the details of your product like brand, category, etc, and click on submit a request.

Types of Errors:

During the application process following errors may occur:

-Error 5665

-Error 5461

-Request Approval

 Error 5665:

Amazon must approve your brand before listing your products. If your product is not eligible for brand registry, you can get an exception. You can get it corrected by contacting Seller Partner Support and mentioning the error code 5665. Give details like product name, brand name, images, product description, category, batch id, etc.

Error 5461:

If the product is listed in the Amazon catalogue and needs to be listed with a new ASIN, contact Seller Support and mention error code 5461. Create a case with product name, brand name, product realtime images, product description, category, batch id, etc., and get it fixed.

Request Approval

If you get this status, then Amazon must approve your brand. You need to submit Selling Application for Catalogue Authorization. It requires, Category and real time images with your brand name permanantly affixed on it.

What Next..?

After GTIN approval, keep the Product ID and Product ID Type attribute blank while listing your product via both single and feed file listing methods.
Sometimes, the GTIN process may take Min 5 days to max 45 days long. Till you get the GTIN Approved, its mandatory to coordinate with Amazon Support team. 
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