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How A+ Content or EBC boosts your sales in Amazon

Amazon is one of many users’ preferred shopping destinations. The American behemoth sells almost everything, across many countries. The people buy the products from sellers who display more detailed content about the products. The Content is the KING, and it can promote your business. Search engines love new content, which is why adding new content provides you with more opportunities to target new keywords. When people find what they’re looking for in your content, they’re more likely to interact with it through online stores, social media, and social networking sites. Amazon provides enhancing content feature i.e A+ content or EBC(Enhanced Brand Content) to assist brands in creating more comprehensive and engaging product detail page.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

Rich media has two effects on product performance. For starters, by creating a more robust and relevant product page, brands can expect higher sell-through rates. According to Amazon, A+ can increase sales by 3% to 10% on average.

A+ content not only tells a better brand storey and increases click-through rates, but it also helps your product search rank. A+’s rich media capabilities immediately benefit brands in two ways. It enhances conversion rates (which indirectly improves Amazon page rank), and increases overall search rank (which improves traffic, and thus overall rank and performance on Amazon). 

Apart from the already mentioned benefits, A+ content increases trust in your brand. It provides the confidence to buy your products. Enhanced Brand Content makes it simple to tell your brand’s story, emphasise why your product is unique, and explain what your brand excels at. For consumers who want to know why they should buy your product, you can highlight unique value points. The ability to share a story is a huge step forward for private label brands, as they will now be able to differentiate themselves from generic and major brand competitors.

EBC assists in improvements in various shopping styles. A few customers read each passage, while others prefer to read the filter bolded headers and visual cues for a general diagram. Images and recordings provide visual aid and can unquestionably represent item properties. Item grids allow customers to easily examine multiple contributions within a product offering. A+ content creates a good first impression. Item portrayals have a limited time to inspire. To be precise, seven seconds. The web is created by decisions. Giving convincing, valuable data is an effective way to capture your clients’ attention and help them make a decision.

Why is Amazon A+ Content important?

A+ content

Over 2 millions sellers on Amazon, so there is a lot of competition in the Ecommerce markets. That is why you must include additional product information with A+ Content. This feature provides an unprecedented opportunity to differentiate your product from similar products sold by competitors.

You will not only create enhanced content for your products with the help of Amazon A+ Content. It will also increase your visibility in Amazon’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). You can also check the amazon keyword strategies to boost sales

The primary reason to invest your time in A+ Enhanced Brand Content is that you can make money. Rich content allows you to deliver information faster, attract attention, showcase your products with images and short text descriptions, and use bullet points to appeal to both intelligent buyers and product skimmers.

How to Begin Using A+ Enhanced Brand Content?

Go to the Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Page, which is accessible via the “Advertising” menu in Seller Central. To get started, you’ll need the product’s ASIN. Select a Template – Currently, Amazon offers five templates that allow you to upload images and text into predefined sections. Choose one, fill in the blanks with your content, and submit it for review. And Submit – Amazon reviews submissions for up to 7 days. You can use one A+ content for many ASINs.

How A+ Catalog or EBC boosts your sales on Amazon

First and foremost, it is the most effective way to draw attention to your product and raise brand awareness and loyalty. As previously stated, it also aids in increasing sales and ROI. It is also the best way to demonstrate how your product differs from others in the same niche by attracting attention. Customers will stay and read the product description if the content is visually appealing. Make use of comparison charts to demonstrate to them that your product solves their problems. Highlight how competitive your pricing is, as well as your features so that they will choose your product over a competitor’s.

Customers will know exactly what they are getting when they buy your products if you provide accurate information on benefits and specifications. Thus, the accuracy of a product’s description in the EBC can effectively reduce negative reviews and product returns. Amazon allows you to group all of your brand’s products into a single mini-store. Amazon Stores are advantageous in that advertisements linked to store pages generate more sales than advertisements linked to product details pages. Also Amazon recently removed its predefined templates for A+ content, giving brands more leeway. You can create visually appealing storefronts that define your brand’s essence and use them to help people better understand and explore your products. As a result, there is a chance that it will result in a higher conversion rate.

Best Practices

It’s critical to get the most out of your Enhanced Brand Content. These best practises will assist you in optimising your chances of success.

Always emphasize your distinct value propositions. What benefits does your product provide to sellers? Because most shoppers buy based on emotion rather than logic, emphasising benefits rather than features will increase conversion. You don’t want to forget, but you also don’t want to forget.

Check your reviews and the reviews of your competitors to see what users care about, and then highlight those points. Similar data can be found by reviewing customer returns. To improve conversion for skimmers, use text on image media to highlight product features and benefits. Because most users prefer short content, aim for a small amount of high-quality content that allows users to learn everything they need to know quickly. Make your site mobile-friendly. Every day, Amazon receives over 8 million mobile visitors. Prioritize your best-selling or highest-ranking products. It’s a better investment if your product is more likely to generate a profit.

You must also adhere to your product’s category requirements, maintain a high standard of spelling and grammar, and treat your Enhanced Brand Content Detail Page with the same care that you would any other product page.

To Summarize… 

Amazon A+ content incorporates the majority of key elements such as product descriptions, charts, rich images, and so on. This will assist customers in making purchasing decisions.

As a result, if you want your product to stand out from the crowd, Amazon A+ Content is the way to go. Amazon Listing Creation Service will provide you with all of the solutions you need to optimise your Amazon store.

With over 2 million Amazon sellers, competing on the platform can be difficult, even for seasoned e-commerce retailers. To attract attention and drive conversions, we encourage all Amazon sellers to use Amazon’s enhanced brand content for their product descriptions. You can contact Newgen to avail A+ Content Service. 

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