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How to create keyword strategies for SEO

Amazon has helped a number of people grow a full-fledged business. From couples staying home with small businesses to the consumer who has known people amazon has catered to the 

Growth. With more use of amazon SEO as an advertising engine to reach more customers, amazon marketplace now has 2.5 sellers on the platform. 

Without a doubt, Amazon is a money-making platform that sellers cannot miss. Entrepreneurs have to go the mile extra in the hope to stay ahead of their competitors by using the strategies to the best. 

Search engine optimization is a very tricky game but a very effective one when it comes to the competitive e-commerce environment. 

Often a question comes to mind as to why Amazon SEO is really effective? Let us understand. 

SEO optimization by Amazon helps improve the quality of webpage to get more visibility and it also drives more traffic to the platform. Amazon search helps allow the products to rank higher. Amazon search engine is a very powerful tool and can keep the business really ahead of time but if only used properly.

A survey shows that 55% of the people spend a lot of time searching on amazon thus amazon is the go-to search engine these days.

Sellers who understand how it works can get amazing results. 

Whenever searched on amazon one can get two types of results. They are 

  • Organic 
  • Paid 

Organically amazon drives traffic via keywords. The keywords should be used in

  • Title 
  • Description 
  • Bullet points 
  • Backend search 

Before we move on to how to use keywords lets us have a clear understanding of what keywords are?

Keywords are referred to the word or a group of words that people use to search on the search engine or the search bar. Keywords are very important when it comes to SEO and the core of any copy written for the web. Therefore the keywords should be selected very carefully before launching them on Amazon. Keywords help analyze the behavior and also boost the sales helping the business to make the decision quickly and effectively. 

Keywords for amazon should be used in the title, description, bullet points, and backend search. But one thing that has to be kept in mind while using keywords is that no keyword should be repeated. The reason being once the keyword is used it is already indexed.

Using keywords in the title: 

Using keywords in the title is really very important. The title should include the brand name for the item ( this keyword is very important).

Product description: 

The keywords used in the product description count a lot. Writing to the point and snappy descriptions convinces the customer to buy the products.

Bullets points:

 Bullet points give the customer details like what are the product key features, what makes their product unique. etc

Backend search: 

A lot of users misspell or a lot of time they want a product similar to the one available on amazon but they don’t use the exact words. Putting keywords in the back-end search can help them find the product easily. The keywords in the backend search terms should not be left empty at all. Amazon has given a limit of up to 200 characters. Make sure to use them wisely. Also important to note down is that there should be no brand names used in the backend search terms as it is completely banned by amazon. 

Thus it is really important to use keywords in all 4 areas but one should use the top keywords in the first three areas and rest in the backend search. Keywords can drive traffic organically very easily. 

There are a lot of keyword tools available like 


Keyword scout ( A tool by Junglescout)

Keywordtool dominator

These tools can help you find valuable as well as long-tail keywords that can be of great help. 

Once you have added the keywords in the backend here are the few tricks that can be used in order to improve. They are :

Running your ads on amazon where amazon displays the product based on the keywords identified from all the sections. After 30- 45 days one can extract a report. The report gives them the detailed answer of which keyword has worked for them and has given them the most number of sales. This can really work well if identified and used correctly. 

Reverse ASIN tool – Also known as Amazon’s reverse ASIN tool, allows the user lookup for the top-ranking keywords of any amazon listing (be it your own or your competitors).

A product that lists rich in keywords has a bigger chance of ranking on the top in the search results for multiple queries, which can increase traffic and result in more sales opportunities. Brands should have a mix of these keywords. In order to drive more traffic keywords are a must. The goals for the brand or any company are to rank higher in the search bar or to appear on the first page using many keywords that are possible. One thing that a person should keep in mind is that amazon’s top priority is to have as many relevant keywords in the first three sections and the rest of the keywords in the backend search terms. Amazon wishes to display those products to customers who look in for relevant products. In this not only the product has to be relevant but also should rank higher in the search term.

So once you have launched the listing make sure to work on Amazon SEO  as it is majorly responsible for driving traffic organically. Apart from running ads on amazon using paid methods can get great results too.

Hope this will give a clear understanding of How Amazon SEO and keywords are important to rank higher on the page yielding a great number of sales.

Pro tip: 

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