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Importance of Packing Material in E-commerce business

Selling products on the internet is very easy. Competition has increased and, the seller has to maintain high quality, proper and prompt communication and fast delivery to stay in the market. For any online business, packing material plays an important role. If a customer gets a product in a damaged condition, they will return it or never buy from your site. If the customer returns the product, the seller has to bear packing and shipment charges leading to loss of money. Product packing is the first impression on the customer that encourages them to purchase other products from your site. 

Product packing:

The prime use of packing material is to protect the products during handling and transport. It must assure that the product is 100% safe and it should be of reasonable shipping charges. First, check the dimension of your product (L x W x H), weight in gm, and then select packing material. Decide the budget for it. It should not be too small or large. It must be perfect-fit to avoid product damage. Perfect for shipping, moving, and storage. Best for packing valuable and tiny products. It should take less storage space.

Material used:

It is decided based on the type of product. If it is a fragile item i.e., easy to break like glass, then use a bubble bag or plastic sheets to wrap. If it is sturdy, select paper wrap as packing material. Each product should be properly packed to avoid damage during handling, transport, and returns.

Suppliers for Packing materials:

These packing materials are available online. Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, etc., have their packing materials. Check whether the brand name is printed correctly.

Best packing material:

In addition, it should be reusable, recyclable, reduced waste, eco friendly, skin-friendly, non-toxic, durable, good quality. It should handle the prescribed weight, be easy to assemble, crush resistant, multipurpose, and widely used. Professional grade material with high strength, density, and rigidity. The packing materials should have high resistance to pressure, moisture, and direct sunlight.

Overall appearance:

Instead of plain packing, create curiosity of the customers. They should be eager to unbox the product, so the packing material should be colourful and vibrant. The product packing must have an elegant appearance. It will boost trust and loyalty. A smooth surface and a neat appearance add value.

Types of Packing Materials

amazon packing material

Now let us see different types of packing material and other points required for the actual fulfilment of the order. The packing materials are available at many vendors and, you can customize them as per order. Take some time for the perfect selection.

Amazon Polybags:

Amazon courier covers are lightweight and sturdy material. You can get instant discounts for bulk quantities and, credit card schemes are also available. It is a ploy bag so, it is not eco-friendly. It is available in white and black colour. Excellent quality tear-proof and tamper-proof, easy to stick flap and little effort required to reopen. Different sizes are available for sellers to choose based on their product sizes. The envelope cover includes polybag document pouches with POD jackets.

Corrugated Boxes:

It is designed using high gsm paper with a good busting factor. Corrugated Box has good strength rate and is used for heavy packing too. It is reusable and recylelable, so eco-friendly. You can purchase it in a set of 10 or 20 boxes. It is foldable so, it requires less space. Check thickness before purchasing. 

Amazon Cello tapes:

Best in this category. Long and sticky, heat resistant. Good quality withstands in a cold and humid climate with long shelf life. Available in packs of 3, 6, 12, etc., Quality changes from the vendor to vendor. You have to be very careful while aligning to get full intact tape sticking.

Food pouch bags or aluminium foil pouch bags:

This pouch is designed with good quality food-grade plastic. It is a durable zipper pouch. Spout pouches are also available in 100 ml 200 ml size.

Easy ship sticky labels:

A4 size matt paper sheet has precut labels with acrylic gum. It is compatible with all printers. It is best for bar code labels, shipping labels, food and beverages labels. Some customers say the sheet is glossy so, printer ink does not dry and, gum quality varies from vendor to vendor.

Finally, yet importantly, it is a printer to print customer address and order details:

HP Inkjet or Laser printer is suited for printing labels, invoices, addresses, etc. Monochrome or black and white HP printer is best. A Wi-Fi facility is also available nowadays. HP LaserJet 108w has a compact and elegant design, wireless printer and has customer ratings of four stars.

Check out this best packing material for your products from amazon.

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