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Cracking the Code: The Top Amazon Brand Story Features that Every Seller Needs to Know

The competition on Amazon is increasing day by day. Sellers are competing among themselves to win in the market. On the other hand, Amazon is also doing its best to help sellers to scale their sales. 

Sellers try most the way to increase the visibility of the products. If you are an Amazon seller, you would have heard this minimum of 100 times that visibility can be increased by optimizing the listings, good product images, optimizing SEO, running ads, utilizing A+ content etc. 

Do you know? There is another unfamiliar yet effective way to increase your visibility. It is Amazon Brand Story. This feature has been launched by Amazon to help registered brand owners to power up their visibility and hike their sales. 

What is Amazon’s Brand Story Feature?

Amazon Brand Story Feature is a scrollable carousel made up of customizable modules featured above A+ content. It helps to build the vision, mission and USP of the brand. A brand story helps to engage with the seller and boosts a better conversion rate. The customizable carousel is clickable and you can able to link your brand store or product listings page. And the best part is that you can create an individual brand story for every ASIN. 

How to Create a Brand Story on Amazon?

1. Go to the “A+ Content Manager” under Advertising Tab

2. Click on “Start creating A+ content”

3. Click “Create a Brand Story”

You will need the following to create a Brand Story

  • Brand carousel background image and image keywords
  • Headline text (up to 30 characters)
  • Body text (up to 135 characters)

4. Choose content modules:

Once you clicked the “Add Module” option, you will get brand story module options.

You have three choices.

  • Brand ASIN & Store Showcase
  • Brand Focus Image
  • Brand Logo & Description

Brand ASIN & Store Showcase: 

You can showcase your best-selling four ASIN images which redirect to their respective brand store page. Headline text can be a maximum of 30 characters. So use it as a clear call to action button. 

Brand Focus Image: 

This is best for creating awareness about your brand through your stunning product images. You can highlight your Unique Selling Point(USP) through the headline text which is 30 characters. Body text can be 135 characters. Images should be a minimum of 362x453pixels

Brand Logo & Description: 

You can advertise more about your brand with this module. You can add 350 characters to the body text and images are of at least 315 x 145 pixels. Communicate with your audience about the brand vision and mission and you can use this space to address common queries like the FAQ section. 

Why sellers should use Amazon Brand Story Feature?

Boosts brand recognition:

Highlight your brand’s distinctive identity, values, and stories using the Amazon Brand Story Feature. Customers will feel more connected to your brand as a result, increasing brand recognition.

Increases customer engagement:

Brand stories are an effective technique for interacting with customers. You can develop an emotional bond with your audience and keep them interested in your products by sharing more about your brand.

Helps to stand out in a crowded market:

On Amazon, there are millions of sellers, making it challenging to stand out. You have a one-of-a-kind chance to set your business apart from the competition and highlight your brand’s personality with the Amazon Brand Story Feature.

Provides a competitive edge:

You may boost your brand’s reputation and gain a competitive edge in the market by utilising the Amazon Brand Story Feature.

Boosts sales:

Customers are more likely to buy your products as a result of increased brand engagement. By attracting and retaining more customers, the Amazon Brand Story Feature can aid in boosting your sales.

Improves search rankings:

High engagement rate products are given priority by Amazon’s algorithm. You may raise your search rankings and increase traffic to your products by making interesting content using the Brand Story Feature.

Creates trust and loyalty:

You may build trust with your customers by sharing the core principles of your business. This may result in greater client retention and repeat business.

Provides valuable insights:

The Amazon Brand Story Feature offers insightful data on customer behaviour. You may use this information to improve your entire marketing plan.

Free to use:

For registered brand owners, the use of the Amazon Brand Story Feature is free. This indicates that there are no additional expenses necessary for you to enjoy all the benefits.

With Amazon Brand Story, you can customise your content and reach better to your targetted audiences. You now have more versatility to highlight your company’s product line and draw customers to your Amazon store using the Amazon Brand Story tool. Since it is a new feature, if you are looking for any assistance, feel free to reach out to [email protected].



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