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Sell Your Products Internationally on Amazon

Are you looking to sell your products in the international market? What you are thinking is possible and is quite doable.

You can sell your products everywhere in the world and Amazon is best to sell your products globally. 

A lot of exciting questions may be arising in your mind like how should I do it, what are the requirements to set up my Amazon central Account, what are the document requirements, how will I deliver the product to the customers overseas, and many more.

What if I say international selling is as easy as selling in India and the documentation for registration is even easier than in India.



Feeling excited about your International selling dream! 

It is exciting and it is possible due to globalization. There was a time when any goods or service from a distant location took months or even a year to reach somewhere, but now it has become so easy.

It has become so easy that you can sell your products internationally and can reach your customer within a short span of time from the comfort of your home, all you need is the internet and a laptop/desktop.

Anyway! Let’s have a look at how you can set up your Amazon Seller central account for selling your products internationally and what are the important requirements for starting your international business.




First of all, you are required to create an Amazon Seller Central Account to start your Amazon business. In India when you start to sell your products on Amazon you are required to register for the GST but if you want to sell your products in the USA then you don’t need to have any such registration for tax.

The basic requirements for the registration to sell internationally include your Pan Card, Aadhar Card, and a Driving license.

For setting up your account, you are also required to have a Credit card with your name on it, otherwise, Amazon won’t accept the card.

The card should have international transactions enabled.

If you are planning to sell in the International Market then Amazon will charge you $39.99 every month from that credit card for using the Amazon platform for selling internationally irrespective of your sales. You are also required to provide your bank statement and credit card statement.

These are the document requirements for starting your new business internationally. 

Now let us look at what else is very important, that you have to keep in your mind while kick-starting your new business.

Important things to know!



You are done with setting up your account. Now you have to think smartly and choose the product you want to sell internationally. Suppose if you are planning to sell your products in the USA, then you have to choose the product wisely, you may have a product in India but it may not be being used by the US customers there, hence there is no logic in choosing that product to sell.

Do your research and choose the products which are in demand in the US marketplace and are available in India. To help yourself figure out what products to choose country-wise, you can use tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

By now you have come to know about all the document requirements and how to decide the right product for your international business, let’s have a look at how you should deliver your products.

Delivering the products at the right time to your customer is very important for your online business, Right! Here is the process you should follow.

The best way to deliver the product internationally on Amazon is by using Amazon FBA. Suppose someone in the USA placed an order for your product then he will be expecting the delivery in less than a week and if you are packaging and delivering the product from India to the USA it will take a minimum of 15 to 20 days to deliver it.

So there is a high possibility that he will cancel the order if it is going to take a long time to deliver.

But Amazon FBA can help you to deliver your parcel to the USA within a week. All you have to do is to send your products in bulk to the FBA location in the US, from there they will be packed and delivered properly within a week.

What’s Next?

So now you know very well from starting your journey of international selling to choosing the right product to sell, to delivering it to international customers. What next?

Once you have stacked your products in the different countries in Amazon FBA, make sure to start working on Amazon ads for your products, no matter what the country or the marketplace, ads play a very important role in increasing your product sales.

Start advertising for your products on Amazon so that people can get to know about your product and work on deciding the price point of the product so that people can buy.


Manage your product inventory very well, because suppose if you are selling in the USA, you will have to restock your product in the USA FBA location 15 to 20 days in advance before it gets out of stock in Amazon FBA.


Now you will need a courier service to send your products to the USA.


To ease your process Amazon itself provides you with a FedEx courier service to send your parcels internationally. You can also approach FedEx or DHL or any other logistics company to send your parcels to any international Amazon warehouse. There is no appointment required to send a courier to the Amazon FBA warehouse in the United States.


I hope through this blog you have come to know about how you can start selling your products internationally at the comfort of your home.


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