Nivetha Muralidharan


“It’s like I had this dream of having my own business setup forever. Selling my products including toys, baby products and watches in various online sites.  I was even awarded Flipstar as a best seller from Chennai in 2016 selling more than 2000 pieces per month online.

As I had handful experience in e-commerce by then, I started to help few friends and new sellers to sell their products online. I was soon able to guide many sellers, by building their business and increasing their sales. I got lot of positive feedback which gave me satisfaction and motivation to help others this way. Eventually, this expanded my business and gave way to start a consulting agency with a website.

Now, I handle clients from India, Mauritius, England, Spain, and the US with a small team of 20. All this and I follow only one simple formula in life, that is, things will happen on its own if we are ready to learn and work towards our goals.”

Meet Our Team

Amazon PPC Head

I'm goal oriented, determined, Quick learner, Hard working and Ambitious person and happy to be part of Newgenmax and embracing new learning along the way.

Maria Subi Rajan
Catalog & Creative Head

Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Outward Focused, Meticulous and a Crazy Girl who doesn't fit into the Box. Result Oriented & Self Motivated, an ultimate lazy person who finds an easy & smart way to reach the goal.

Saraswathi Chitrambalam
Sales Head

I'm a very courageous women and positive thinker. A person who always encourage others to do the things to achieve their passion. I love to acquire a knowledge from new persons in day to day life and my current role highly suits to this.

Customer Coordinator

I'm passionate about my work because I love what I do. I'm ambitious, driven and  friendly, and know how to cope up with failures. I have a steady source of motivation that drives me to do my best.

Vijay Arumugam
Social Media Expert

I am a highly motivated individual who is always willing to put that extra bit of effort into an assignment that I undertake. My strongest assets I believe are my ability to solve problems and flexibility.

Swathi Selvarasu
Content Writer

I'm an ambitious and self-starter individual. I work hard beyond my boundaries and love to take on challenges that utilize my full potential. I am the type of person who finds a positive approach in every odd situation.

Nishita E Jain
Graphic Designer

I have a positive and creative approach towards my work. I am always energetic and curious to learn new skills.

Sathiesh Kumar
Senior Ecommerce Executive

I am a self-motivated, hardworking individual who strives to deliver the best possible results. My strongest assets include attention to detail, problem solving abilities, and goal-oriented work ethic.

PPC Camapaign Manager

My name is Nikaash.N I'm a Ecommerce Analyst. I've been working with NEWGEN MAX. since July 2022, and my responsibilities include Technical work in ECommerce , PPC ads Managing and Analyzing. It's all about making sure the team keeps growing nicely.

Vinu Somarajan
Digital Coach

My determination and passion lead to the generation of 6-figure in the e-commerce business. I am on the mission to help ten thousand people attain financial freedom by succeeding in the Print-on-Demand journey.