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How to skyrocket your amazon sale business in 2021

E-commerce nowadays accounts for more than 50% growth in retail and it is projected to grow more by 2023.

Selling on Amazon has been one of the best ways to take your e-commerce business to the next level. With the increase in 84% sales amazon reaches up to $386 Billion in 2021. Talking about profitability, 85% of the sellers on Amazon have made profits, while 44% of them have had better business performance despite the pandemic. 

Even though selling on amazon is profitable undoubtedly, the competition in the marketplace for amazon has gone high, making it more difficult for sellers to keep up with the competition. 

If you are one of them selling on amazon you must leverage amazon support services and have a proper plan of action to boost your sales and take your business to the next level. 

But the good news is despite the high competition amongst the sellers, the share of sales available to all the sellers on Amazon is growing bigger and bigger. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to jumpstart your amazon business in 2021.


5 ways to increase your sales on Amazon

Optimize your Product Listing on Amazon- If you want users to actually convert them as your buyers. If your product on Amazon is not diligently optimized and listed you may miss out on your buyer. 

No one likes to make a purchase of a product that is hard to understand. Product listing includes a detailed description of the product along with the keywords that the user is actually searching for. 

Listing may include a clear understanding of USPs of product, MRP, Key Product Description. For better optimization you may even keep videos on your Product listing. 

Try making your amazon product page a stellar product page. A better optimised page has a higher chance of more efficient Amazon ads which eventually leads to better ROI. 


Amazon Advertising:  If all is going well, you are optimising precisely, you are listing in user approachable manner. 

It’s now time for you to invest in advertising because the market on Amazon is so saturated that your product may sometimes not catch your user’s attention without advertising. 

Use sponsored products to ensure that relevant search queries may include on the top of the Amazon product’s page. Sponsored campaigns are well structured and include smart bidding campaigns. 

Create one automatic targeting, Amazon will target ads to all relevant user searches based on what product information you have listed. 

Secondly, create one manual campaign, here you can manually select what keywords you want to bid on. 


Beware of your competitive pricing: 

You must choose your pricing on amazon wisely. Repricing the product is the most common activity and strategy played by many retailers. 

You should be wise enough to understand both a pricing strategy that makes you stand out of the crowd and a competitive pricing strategy that can actually make or break your business. 

Be very clear with your MRP, selling price, shipping charges, If you are giving discounts to your customers, highlight it and let them know. This can include higher chances of your purchase.


Make use of FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon)

Amazon has voluntarily decided to help small businesses by introducing FBA (fulfillment by amazon). If you are enrolled in FBA then amazon can handle all your shipping, warehousing, picking, and packaging.

Sellers send their products to Amazon, which warehouses everything and then processes all of the orders as they come in.


Get reviews 

Everyone knows that reviews are a key influencer for any purchase. Many sellers say that getting reviews is hard. No it’s not that, let me explain it in detail.

Amazon’s “Request review” button allows you to manually request reviews for each of your orders in Seller Central within four to 30 days of purchase.

This feature can help you in increasing getting reviews for your products.

Do not call, or WhatsApp your customers for reviews; these are against amazon policies.



If you follow these small tricks and hacks I can guarantee you can bring increasing changes to your amazon selling business. I am hopeful that you found my information relevant and you got a good idea about the Amazon business. Make sure to follow Amazon’s rules and policies.

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