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You can Become a Top Amazon Seller With these Hacks

Getting good sales on Amazon will please any Amazon Seller. Many sellers are enjoying their good sales and profits. But how?

Having good sales on Amazon requires your product to have good reviews and ratings and for that, your product must satisfy the customers.


What if you want to become a top seller on Amazon? Is there any way to make your products sell remarkably on Amazon?


Yes, there are some ways to make your product sell faster on Amazon. With certain techniques, you can use to become a Top Seller on Amazon.



Start Giving Discounts

Believe me!! Customers love discounts. It is a powerful trigger that makes them hit the buy button. Whenever people search for similar products as yours, they start comparing different products, they look at the product images, reviews, ratings, and product descriptions but most importantly they keep an eye on price points.


So if your product has good reviews, ratings, and competitively low prices than your competitors they are going to buy your product.


To make your product prices low you can give discounts to the customers and to do that you can use two methods.


The first one is by giving discounts on Selling price and the second one is by Coupons. Try to give selling price discounts on your products which are making minimal sales or no sales and give the coupons discount on the products which are making good sales.


Start selling your Products on both Merchant fulfilled and FBA

You should start selling your products both on Merchant fulfilled and FBA, let me explain to you why?


Let us consider you are selling a product whose price is below Rs 499, then you should list it in both merchant fulfilled and FBA. Because, if your product price is Rs 350 and it is listed for shipment only by FBA since FBA requires the customers to buy the products worth Rs 499 to avail the free shipping, it will ask the customer to buy something else in order to get the order above Rs 499..


In such cases, customers may think of leaving your product and going for another product. 

But, if you have listed the same product for fulfilled by merchant option also then you can charge a small amount for a delivery charge such as Rs 50 and deliver the product to the customer for Rs 400 and most of the time customers agree to pay such small delivery charge and buy the product.


So by this, you can manage to increase your sales instead of letting the customer hop on to your competitors’ products.


And you have one more benefit if you list your product in both Merchant fulfilled and FBA. Suppose if your product gets out of stock in FBA and you didn’t notice it. Since it is listed in easy ship or self-ship merchant fulfillment options, you would not lose your buy box option on Amazon.


Maintain Proper Inventory

If you are selling on Amazon for quite some time, you know very well how important it is to maintain the proper inventory. A well-maintained inventory helps you to keep your sales graph smooth and maintain the Buy Box.


What is a Buy Box? Buy Box is having the Add to Cart option for your product near your product description. If you do not maintain your inventory, your buy box will disappear and to buy your product customers will have to click on “See all buying options” and purchase the product with different options available there.

Which sometimes makes the customers look for another product with simpler buy options. 


So maintaining your Inventory in Advance is a must or else you may lose your buy box and it will take some time for you to gain your buy box again once the inventory is restored. And between this period you may lose potential sales.


Use variations for your Product listings (Grouping)

To understand this technique, let us take an example. Suppose you are selling a t-shirt and you have the same t-shirts in different colors. So what you have to do is to add the color and size section in the product listing. This is how variation is implemented.


By this technique, you have the hidden benefit of it. Suppose people are buying different colored t-shirts (i.e blue, yellow, green, etc) but your product listing is for the Black t-shirt, so all the reviews and ratings of these different variations of products will belong to the parent listing of the Black t-shirt. 


One more benefit of using the variation is that you can add your not-in-demand product in a similar variation with low pricing so that it can make sales. This will help you to eliminate your slow-moving or dead stocks.


Give Extra Discounts on Special Days

People love to shop on special days like festive days and weekends. And in India there is no shortage of festive days, people shop a lot and you have a very good opportunity to make good sales.


Customers plan ahead to shop on these days. They begin to add products to their carts for the special days. And Amazon also provides discount offers from various banks on these days like HDFC 10% Discount and SBI 10% Discount etc.



Here you have a great opportunity to make good sales on Amazon. Plan for discounts on your products before the festive season and weekends.


At the end of the month, people get their salaries and they have very good purchasing power. So plan your discounts accordingly. And continue the discounts from the last date of the month till the first week of the next month, because that’s the time in which most of the people get their salaries.


And you must have noticed Flipkart has launched special discount sales at the end of every month named “Payday Sale on Flipkart”


So, now you do have a clear picture about increasing your Amazon sales and how to become a top seller. Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply these techniques.

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