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Scale Your Business to 6 figures by Amazon Listing Optimization.

Having a good product but struggling to sell it on amazon? That’s exactly where Amazon Listing Optimization comes to play. 

You might have noticed that some products regularly show up on amazon searches and get better sales. On the other hand, many of the products rarely get any sales.

Most of the time the products that grab huge sales on Amazon are the ones that have the magic of Amazon Listing Optimization.

For example, you will buy a product that looks good, pleases you, and meets your criteria of purchase. But not some products with confusing images and bad descriptions. Right?

Well, that’s exactly what amazon listing optimization is all about.

Listing of the products and their ranking is governed by the A9 algorithm. This algorithm operates in the way that it analyzes, reads, and scans the data provided by the products to show the best suitable products to the visitors/customers.

So it is completely your responsibility to provide the right information about your product so that it shows up in the search result.

Though nobody knows how this A9 algorithm works, some factors play a key role in the high ranking of the product on Amazon like stock availability, product reviews, Amazon FBA, price, and sales volume.

Key points to look into while Amazon Listing Optimization.

  • Product images 
  • Product title
  • Key product features
  • Product description
  • Keywords
  • Search terms fields
  • Product reviews
  • Product rating

All the above-mentioned points help the buyers to understand your product better and help them to decide whether they should buy the product or not.

Product Image

Well, it is said that an image is worth a thousand words, so you better use the best possible image of your product. Amazon lets you use product images of dimension 1000 x 500 pixels and it lets you use a total of 9 images per product.

Many times customers buy products based on how it looks. So make sure your product images look very good, don’t hesitate to invest in clicking high-quality images because it can surely boost your sales.

The product’s primary image is the first thing the customer sees, so make sure that the image is eye-catching. To make sure it stands out, click the picture on white background, just make sure your product isn’t white itself.

And rest of the images are close-ups and packaging, so show them well. And don’t forget to name the image file with descriptive keywords, it helps in listing.

Product Title

Your product title should give the buyer enough information about the product so that they can decide if they want to look more at your product.

So make use of the complete word length that Amazon provides you, which is 250 characters, surprisingly most of the sellers use less than 200 characters, which puts them at a disadvantage.

Use the relevant keyword for the product in the title based on the highest search volume and relevance, don’t stuff keywords in the title because it won’t increase your ranking chances as per amazon guidelines.

Use powerful words like “best quality”, “premium quality” etc, in the title that grabs the attention of the customers, try to define the color, quality, brand, and material of the product because it will increase the chances to get customers hooked.

Key Product Features

While describing the product features you must have to keep the customer in your mind, you have to show him/her how your product includes all the features they need and solves the problem they are facing. Help them to imagine the experience they will get after using your product.

To make sure this happens make complete use of the 1000 characters which Amazon provides you. Highlight all the key features of your product in 5 bullet points, each bullet point should require 200 characters to define the features.

Avoid using lengthy descriptions and promotional content in the description to avoid getting off the point. Be concise and descriptive.

Product Description

Having mentioned all the features, now you have the chance to really communicate with the customer, so make sure to make it an interactive conversation.

For that Amazon offers 2000 words, you can explain the above-mentioned features in detail, and explain how the product helps them with what they want. Try to use the keywords that you haven’t used in your title.

Explain to them about your expertise in making the product, brand yourself, and be realistic about it. Provide the references that support your product to build a solid ground to win trust. Don’t sell them the moon.

Try not to include any link to your website, don’t make any grammatical mistakes because the product description part is searchable on Amazon.


Your ranking for your products search depends on the keywords you choose, so they need to be the correct ones, you can add the keywords in your title and product features section.

Most of the Amazon sellers make the mistake of not using the right keywords at the right position which decreases the chances of their ranking in the search.

Make proper use of backend keywords and don’t make the title and backend keyword the same.

Product Reviews

What could be better, if your previous buyers are advocating your product, it builds a good trust in the customers who are looking for your product. Trust me, Amazon reviews are very important, good reviews help a lot in selling. For good feedback from the customers, make sure the deliverable package is well packed and secured.

You can use automated feedback services to get feedback and reviews from the customers, you can easily outperform your competitors from these automated feedback services because they help you with higher buyer engagement.

Product Rating

If you have met the customer’s expectations with your product then who can stop you from getting a 4 or 5-star rating. Look for the negative reviews because they are red flags and can lower your rating and it’s not good for your product and look if the negative reviews are in Amazon’s guidelines, if not then get it removed.

Not all negative reviews are off the line, but some of them might bring you insights for improvement in your product, so monitor them carefully.


By now you might have learned a lot about Amazon Listing Optimizations. These are the key things to keep in mind while listing your products on Amazon. To make sure your products rank in the Amazon search result you must have to do these things.

You have to use every option available to you efficiently, show the best version of your product, you have to have profound knowledge of your product so that you can understand if your product is fulfilling the customer needs. 

You have to plan the listing, keeping in mind the consumer decision journey which will eventually help you to sell your product better.

If you are selling a lot of products on amazon then these steps may seem frightening to you but to make it easy you can easily hire an agency to do it for you.

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