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Steal Amazon competitors sales with PPC campaigns

Amazon today is a perfect place to sell on!! Why every seller should be on amazon is a very obvious reason. Amazon has provided the opportunity of selling to a large number of clients and with a diversified clientele base.

With access to more than 197 million customers who prefer shopping on Amazon compared to other e-commerce websites, the sellers get to reach more than ever before. With this Competition amongst the sellers is crazy. A new seller or an experienced one goal for all of them is to generate more sales and earn revenue as much as possible. To win against the competitors one has to perform well. Otherwise, their products will be buried in the search result and they will lose their customers. 

Are you a seller on Amazon too who feels like they are losing sales to their competitors? Struggling to find out what could be the reasons behind it. If not, well that is good enough. But if yes, then you are in the correct place. Today we will be talking about how to beat the competition and increase sales on Amazon using a PPC campaign 

Before moving on to the strategies let us understand how to advertise on Amazon.

One of the best ways to drive sales is advertising on Amazon. That is why Amazon is said to be the third most popular advertising platform. Now you might think about what is the best way to advertise?

 The answer is using the Amazon PPC campaign.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC called Pay per click advertising refers to the advertising model where the advertiser pays the fee only when the consumer clicks on the advertisement. Amazon sellers can increase awareness and generate sales using Amazon PPC campaigns.

One can steal the sales through Amazon PPC product targeting methods.

Amazon’s product targeting is a mechanism offered by the PPC campaigns that allow the seller to display their products on other’s Asin pages. By directly targeting the other sellers, one can position their products in line with other related items in the marketplace. Doing this can give more authority and visibility.

Lining products with well-established competitors can increase brand awareness and visibility amongst the customers which in turn can generate more sales and more revenue. 

To develop a target marketing campaign one needs to do the following things: 

The very first step is to get the lay of the land. One needs to figure out the product they want to line up with using the search tab. The most suggested search would be based on a color similar to that of the products. 

Once the seller is familiar with what products they want to target they can use software that will help them target the ASIN.

In the next step, they will have to use these curated ASINs. Here they have to create a new campaign. In this campaign, under the product section, the seller has to select the product that they want to show in the advertisement. Next in the “product targeting” section paste the list of ASINs from the export. 

Extracting so many ASINs manually can be very difficult. To do this one can use plugins like  Jungle Scout who can extract so many ASINs very easily. There are other plugins available too.

But if one doesn’t have plugins or one does wish to use them the other available option is AMZ India Profit. 


Wondering what AMZ India profit is? 

Amazon India profit helps SEO tools for all the e-commerce sellers. It includes features like product trackers that allow track the users and also the products that the competitors sell. Apart from this it also has a keyword tracker using which one can easily optimize the listing for the given keywords. The product analyzer feature identifies the conversion rates, On-page SEO & Keyword generator. It is a free Google chrome extension 

Here is the link for the extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/amz-india-profit/bcbebckcfnbhmhcghnnhhldcombkloaf?hl=en.


AMZ India profit helps to extract the entire list of ASIN numbers in an excel sheet in a very short span of time and in a very easy manner. By typing the keyword in the search button one can easily find the ASIN numbers. It generates so many ASIN numbers one go. Once they are found they can open the CSV file and copy the numbers and put it in the product targeting ads. 

This is one of the best methods that has worked out really well. Extracting each ASIN manually is a very tough task but AMZ India makes the process much easier and faster. 

But one thing that matters at the end when it comes to selling on Amazon is ACOS i.e 

Advertising cost of sales. ACOS measures the performance of the PPC campaigns. 

Looking at the ACOS you may wonder what is the good Amazon Acos for your business?

The Answer is Lower the ACOS higher the profit.

One can reduce their ACOS by lining their products with competitors who sell for a price equivalent to their products or higher than that which will generate more sales. The customer usually prefers buying products with lower prices and the above-mentioned method really works well.

Filter out ASIN with the free chrome extension AMZ India profit.

Apart from this one thing that is important is to use the search terms very wisely. Using the keywords that appear in the first three pages or those which appear or organically can help with conversions faster. 

If a seller doesn’t wish to use any tools then they can simply extract it from the Amazon website. 

The price point keeps on changing from time so optimizing the ASIN on a timely basis is a must. Also keeping a Check on their own ASIN is important. It gives them an idea of which ASIN has worked for them the best.

Hope you have got an understanding of how to generate more sales giving your competitors a tough fight 


Do try out the above-mentioned tool and let us know in the comment section did it benefit you. 

Also do share with your friends and relatives. 




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