Deadly Mistakes To Avoid (1)

Stop Making these Deadly Mistakes as a Seller on Amazon

Want to know the top mistakes that you should avoid as an Amazon seller? Avoiding these mistakes can save you big on your time, money, and efforts. Also, if you are making even small mistakes knowingly or unknowingly, then there are chances of your account getting suspended on Amazon.

Thus, make sure that you optimize your product listing in the right way to avoid these mistakes and generate better sales on Amazon. While some mistakes might be small and you can get away with them easily, some mistakes can cost you a huge amount of money. 

In this blog, I’ll break down the most common mistakes that sellers make and how you can avoid them.


Top Mistakes You Need To Avoid On Amazon

Don’t open multiple Amazon seller central accounts

  • Most of the sellers think that for every new product they launch in a new category, they should open a new seller central account. But that’s a very big mistake. Make sure you open only one Amazon seller central account.
  • In Amazon seller central account, there is no limitation on the number of products that you can sell. Also, it can be from any category like you can sell the beauty products and food category products in the same account, there is no restriction from Amazon for doing this.

Don’t Sell products at a low margin 

  • See what are the total expenses that you have to incur while selling on Amazon. Calculate the cost of all. Once you make a sale on Amazon, there are referral fees, closing fees, shipping fees, FBA fees from which Amazon takes its due commission from us. All these are mentioned in the kitna milega (Check the link) calculator on the Amazon website.
  • Use the kitna milega calculator provided by Amazon and enter your product selling price. For example, if you sell a product of 1000 Rupees, you won’t get 1000 Rupees in your bank account, after debiting all the expenses, fees, only the remaining amount will be credited to your bank account. 
  • Remember that the charges of Amazon vary according to the category and you can check out the different charges for different categories of products on Amazon’s website. However, the good news is that there is no charge for opening your Amazon Indian seller central account. It’s free and anyone can open their account. Also, there are no charges for creating your product listing on Amazon. Hence you won’t have to pay any monthly fee for your product listing on Amazon.

Avoid product mapping

  • What is product mapping? Product mapping is the process of matching your product to your competitor’s product in order to attract customers but there is a risk in that. Suppose if a customer buys your product and it does not look the same as on Amazon and the customer is also not satisfied with the quality then he can report for Intellectual Property Right Infringement and that is not good for you.
  • To add a product from another brand on your Amazon seller central account, you should be authorized to sell the product. If you are not having authorization from the brand, the brand can file a case against you or submit an infringement complaint on Amazon. So make sure you are careful about this. Also if you are planning to resell products ensure you are purchasing from a valid supply chain.

But What Exactly Is A Valid Supply Chain?


  • A product should not be purchased from a wholesale bazaar without an invoice. In case you’re buying any branded products, make sure that you are buying directly from the brand or verified distributors. 
  • Every area will have a recognized distributor of the brand, so you can get in touch with them, ask them the details, and purchase from the distributor. Amazon can scrutinize your supply chain at any point in time and ask you for the invoice. So always have all these essential documents ready. 
  • You can also get a brand letter from the particular brand that you’re selling on Amazon, hence this will act as proof for you that you are authorized to sell those branded products. It also helps in validating your supply chain.

You Should Sell An Authentic Product And Not Any Duplicate/ Counterfeit Products 

  • Whenever you are processing your orders, make sure you are sending good quality products which are properly packed, or else you’ll get an ODR (Order Defect Rate) complaint issue.
  • If you don’t ship your products on time in the easy ship or self-ship, which is also known as merchant fulfillment, there are chances that your LDR (Late Dispatch Rate) metrics will go down and you may get some account suspension or warnings emails.

Using Some Other Brand’s Name, Images, Logos In Your Listing 

  • This is a common scenario that happens on Amazon. Some sellers generally copy the designs and images from other sellers and use them on their listings. When you do this you’re at the risk of receiving a copyright violation complaint against you. So make sure all the images, logo designs, titles, bullet points, and descriptions are not copied from other sellers.
  • One more important point to add here is that a lot of sellers use photos of popular cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse or use the pictures of celebrities on their products. But this is a big no! Because you are not authorized to use the particular photos on your product, you are again risking the suspension of your seller central account. Please keep in mind that whatever image/design you use on your product should have due authorization.


I hope you got a clear understanding of what mistakes you need to avoid making as a seller on Amazon. You need to put the customer first if you want to become a successful seller on amazon.

This is the key rule while doing your E-commerce business on Amazon. Also, if you have any queries, do let us know by commenting below! If you like the blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends!


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