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5 types of shipping options that you should know on Amazon

If you are selling on e-commerce platforms, your products are available 24/7. Selling on Amazon gives you more benefits like increased visibility, secure payments, selling worldwide, keeping your brand protected, weekly payment and shipping your orders without stress.

Shipping is the most mandatory criterion in e-commerce selling. Packing the products and delivering them at the right time is crucial for earning the customer’s trust and belief. In this blog, let us understand various shipping options available on the Amazon platform and how they are beneficial to the sellers.

Being an Amazon seller or if you are interested to sell on Amazon, you must know about the types of Shipping programs available on Amazon.

  • Easy Ship
  • Fulfilment by Amazon
  • Amazon Seller Flex
  • Self Ship
  • Multi-Seller Flex

Easy Ship

In Easy ship, the packed orders are picked up at your location by an Amazon Transportation Service(ATS) and delivered to your customers without your effort. This Easy ship can eliminate your delivery headaches and helps you to focus on growing your business. This shipping allows your buyers to track their orders and expected delivery date.

In Easy ship, Customers can get a Prepaid option or Cash On Delivery option. After receiving the payment from your customers, it will reflect in your account. This Easy ship method is ideal for the seller who sells products with low margins. You can mention your address in the seller central settings for Amazon logistics pickup.


  • Stress-free shipping
  • Pickup from your location
  • Custom Packing
  • Availability of order tracking & assured delivery date
  • Cash On Delivery Payments  
  • Option to handle returns

Fulfilment by Amazon

Once you join FBA, you can send your products in bulk or you can even send one product to the fulfilment centre. Amazon FBA will store your products. Once an order is received, they will pack your product and deliver it to the customer. For storing products in Amazon FBA, you need to register for APOB(Additional Place of Business). 

This FBA option is ideal for the sellers selling large quantities of products with a high margin and selling oversized products. They also handle returns and customer queries.

If you are new to FBA, Amazon will waive off FBA specific fees for the first 100 units or the first three months (whichever is earlier). During this period, you don’t need to pay fees to Amazon for storing, packing and delivering your products.


  • Effortless shipping & logistics
  • Discounted Shipping Rates
  • Return Management
  • Fast delivery
  • Customer Service management
  • Mass Storage space

Prime Badge

The FBA also gives the Prime Badge to your products for same-day or next-day delivery to customers. People used to search for Prime Badge products since they process fast and free delivery. 

Amazon Seller Flex

Amazon Seller Flex offers sellers many shipping benefits. It has the additional capacity to ensure that products are shipped to the customer within two-day time.


  • You will get a Prime badge which increases the customer trust in you.
  • No products are sent to Amazon FBA, so transportation cost is low.
  • Better control over your inventory.
  • You have an option to sell in your location, customers can get next-day or two-day delivery.
  • You can get extensive training from Amazon to manage your inventory and account.


Self-ship means the seller receives the order, packs it and delivers it through the third-party courier services to their customers. In some pin codes or in some areas where Amazon services are not available, sellers have a choice to pick self-ship. In Self ship, you can ship through India post or deliver by yourself (in local areas).

Selected Self ship

It means shipping the products to some specific regions through the Self Ship option and for other regions, you can ship through Easy ship. This can be done through a simple template configuration of self-ship in shipping settings. 

You can get Easy ship product orders for both shipping. But in Selected Self shipping, only self shipping products are available to ship in self-ship areas. For easy shipping, product orders are available for rest areas.


  • Sellers have the control of inventory and delivery process.
  • Ideal for Small businesses.
  • Customers can get a discount on shipping.
  • No unexpected fees
  • Less paperwork for tax obligations.

Multi-Seller Flex

Due to geographical boundaries, the transportation cost to Amazon warehouses or fulfilment centres incurs more costs and is difficult to take the business forward. In such a scenario MSF(Multi-Seller Flex sites) help provide warehouse facilities to store and further transport by Amazon. MSFs are third parties authorized by Amazon to cater to the needs of the sellers in using their sites as warehouses. These local service providers offer their space to store inventory and further process the customer’s orders.


  • Low Transportation cost
  • More Focus on business
  • Products delivered across the country
  • Access to the prime badge
  • Hassle-free in storing and processing inventory

Have you decided which shipping option is suited for you? Start selling on Amazon by enjoying the shipping benefits it provides. If you are interested to start selling on Amazon, check out our advanced Amazon seller course and use coupon code AMAZON to avail it at 50% off. 

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