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How to sell your homemade food products on Amazon and Flipkart?

Who does not like homemade food? Everyone needs fresh, adulteration-free foods. People started looking for healthier options which in turn flourishes these homemade foods.

Nowadays, many people do not have the time to cook a traditional meal with spices and whole foods. People prefer homemade masalas and instant mixes. When it comes to homemade foods, Pickles strike our mind and are still in demand.

If you are an expert and enjoy preparing Indian dishes at home, explore your talents and sell them online. You can sell food products on the platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. These platforms provided the opportunity to sell homemade food online! 

Now the question is what kind of food can I sell from home?

sell homemade food

Rules vary, but some rough guidelines are there. You can sell dry products like chips, papads, snacks, baked products that do not require refrigeration. Generally, dry food is easy to deliver. Wet or gravy food requires special packing and handling. You can also check the top 10 packing material used in ecommerce

Perishable snacks are not allowed to sell online. You can sell non-perishable products like cakes, chocolates, butter, cheese, ghee, pickles etc. 

The seller must ensure that the product packing is sturdy and safe. It shouldn’t break or leak during transit. 

Procedure to sell homemade food or recipe for e-commerce success

Licenses and Approval:

GST Registration:

GST is mandatory to sell products in Amazon and Flipkart except Books Category.

FSSAI License:

When it comes to food products, the FSSAI Registration is mandatory. There are three types of FSSAI License, Basic, State and Central FSSAI. A basic FSSAI license is enough for selling online. 

Lab Test:

Lab tests are necessary for some products like dry fruits, chocolates etc.

Category Approval:

To sell the food products in Amazon, you need to get approval in Grocery and Gourmet Food Category. For getting category approval, you need an Invoice(if you are a re-seller), FSSAI License, Food Declaration Letter and all side product images. 

Organic Certificate:

To list any organic food products, you need to submit an organic food product certificate. For getting the organic certificate, you can contact your Auditor. 

Label of the Food Product:

The label of the food product must include brand name, product name, vegetarian or non-vegetarian logo, ingredient list, MRP, the shelf life of the product, FSSAI license number, manufacturer details.

Key parameters to consider while selling online:


Choosing the unique and catchy brand name is important since its represents your business. Branding plays an important role in marketing. Brand name helps to bring trust in the people. It must be short and easy to memorize. Homemade food Sellers can register it as a manufacturer or reseller.

Expiry date or shelf life:

All types of food are date sensitive. The products should have an expiry date marked on each packet. The product label should include all the ingredient lists. 

Avoid contamination, spoiling, melting, and damage to food packets. Some foods are temperature controlled for quality and performance. Try to maintain this temperature during shipping. Raw fruits and agricultural products should meet quality standards for ripeness. Amazon considers the words sell by, use by, best by, and best if used by date as the end date.

Informative images

Product images should be in excellent quality and minimum 1000 px size. It must be clear and not blurred. It requires all side photo images, where all mandatory details are visible. White background gives good impressions and attracts customers. Adding Infographics along with product images give more impression to the product. You can check how product images boost your ecommerce sales

Product listing requirements

The products should be listed by following Amazon & Flipkart listing standards and policies. Listing products with maximum product information will increase the product quality score and visibility.


Most of the ecommerce platform has it’s own advertising features. Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Flipkart advertising is a good option for promoting your products. 

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