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Boost your e-commerce sales by optimizing your product images

Optimizing your product images in the right way will skyrocket your e-commerce sales. Product images are one of the best ways you can clock in more sales. Your product images act as a salesperson on your product listing. No matter where you are selling, be it Amazon, Flipkart, or your e-commerce website, product images play a major role in the e-commerce industry. People judge your product and your brand mostly based on the images they see. Also, most people give attention to your images first compared to your titles, bullet points, or description. 

So if you do a great job uploading high-quality product images then you are one step closer to persuading the customers to buy your product. If your product images are not good then the customers won’t even click on the product so you are missing out on a huge chunk of sales. Hence you need to be serious about your product photographs and invest a good amount of money in them. 

Answering Most Popular Questions On Product Photography

Thus when it comes to good product photography, many new sellers come up with questions like where will I take the photo for my product? Should I take it at home or should I go to a studio? Should I approach a professional photographer or do it myself? Well, if you want your brand and product to stand apart from the competition then it’s best to get it done by a professional photographer. And you don’t have to go to a high-end photo studio to get it done, you can easily approach one of your local photo studios, to get good quality and professional images for your product. 

  • A studio will have quality professional cameras, good lighting, and experienced photographers. 
  • You also have the option to approach a freelance photographer who specializes in taking product photoshoots. 

But in case you wish to take your product images at home, then ensure that you have a good camera and good lighting setup once it is done take proper photographs of your product and edit them to high resolution and high definition photographs.

Best Practices To Make The Most Out Of Your Product Images

Make sure you take photos from all sides of your product. For example, if you are selling a water bottle then make sure that you cover all the sides of the water bottle, only then do your customers get an idea about what exactly your product is. They get a feel of how it looks in the front, backside, and from the side, and so on. 

Many sellers say that due to photographic lighting the color of the product has changed a lot. For example, it would be maroon in a physical product, but in the product listing, it’ll be red. Avoid these types of mistakes. Hence you need to ensure that the exact product color is matched with the photo of your product on the product listing page or else your customers will get confused and this will lead to more returns on your order which will increase your expenses. Make sure you are checking the lighting of the product so that there is no deviation from the actual physical product.

Work On Creative Images And Infographic Images

Creative photographs show your product as visually appealing and purposeful. These images make the customers feel as if they are already using the product. Consider you are selling ginger tea bags, place your product, along with that you can keep a small piece of ginger nearby and take a creative photoshoot. You can project the ingredients of your product to the customers so that they exactly know what their product is made up of.

This will give them good confidence to buy your product. You can also display the output of your product, i.e, a cup of ginger tea so that they could know what the color of the ginger tea is. Be creative with your product images to make them more enhanced and compelling to your customers. Hence apart from working on the regular white background image or normal images make sure you come up with some creative images for your product. This will help you get an extra edge over your competitors and attract more customers to your product listing page.

In infographic type of product images, you can include all your product features, benefits, and directions for use or care instructions. In Amazon, there are 9 slots available Amazon to upload your product images. Hence you can upload 4 white background images, 1 creative image, the rest of the images can be utilized for infographics.

For example, if you are selling honey, you can include what are the benefits of honey in the first picture, and in the second picture, you can mention where honey can be used effectively, for instance, honey for weight loss or honey for sweetening and so on. In a few other images, you can include what your brand is about, in what way your product is different from other products available in the market like your product is organic, it is sourced from a quality supplier. All these points will increase the trust factor of your product and persuade the customers to buy your product.

The Key Points To Consider During Your Product Photoshoot

There should not be any reflections of the lighting or the shadow of any other object in your product photographs, as these will alter the color and look of your product, which will lead to customers giving negative reviews of the product saying that they bought your product thinking it is maroon in color by seeing the image of your product, but the product was delivered to them in red color. We all know that negative product reviews affect the future sales of the product. 

Don’t manipulate any part of your images. For example, many sellers include an accessory in their product photos, but when the product is delivered they don’t get the accessory. Hence it is your responsibility to mention exactly what your product will offer. 

Make Sure That Your Product Images Can Connect With Your Customers Emotionally.

  • Considering you are selling diabetic biscuits, you can include a photo of an old man sitting and enjoying your product.
  • This will make your customers imagine themselves or their parents or grandparents eating and enjoying your biscuits. Hence happy smiles and happy faces will increase the trust in the product. 
  • Your potential customers won’t even mind paying an extra amount for your product when compared to your competitor’s product. 
  • This will help you acquire more customers fast and grow your e-commerce business. You’ll also get repeat customers who will refer your product to their friends and family, hence they become your loyal customers.


As you know product images are the first thing from which a potential customer will get to know about your product, so it becomes very important for you to make sure you are using your best product images because it will help your customer to get interested in your product, which may end up with customers finally buying your product.

So always use well-optimized product images on your e-commerce store to drive good Sales!

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