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8 things to know about the Amazon PPC campaign

Amazon PPC (Price Per Click) helps in boosting product sales through organic and paid means. They are very effective campaigns, if used correctly they will fetch long-term results. 

But most people complain that their Amazon PPC campaign is not working. It is not fetching desired results. Let us understand the strategies you need to know in Amazon PPC campaigns.

1. Product Reviews: 

Before running any ads, make sure that the particular product has enough reviews. Think from a customer’s point of view. If you are a customer, will you buy a product with no reviews? No, right? Then how can you expect your customer to buy your product? Run ads for the product which has reviews. Here comes the next question. What should I do if my product is new? Work on software like Feedback five to get reviews. A minimum of 5 reviews is suggested for a product to run ads.

2. Photoshoot:

Sellers think that product photoshoot is unnecessary spending. But it is not so. Product photography acts like a marketing representative that speaks about the product features. People tend to attract to high-resolution images. Your photography should make to convince the product to buy. On the other hand, if you run ads for a random product image, you’ll get impressions but no clicks. Even if you get clicks, it won’t be converted into sales. 

Which one is more appealing??

Right or left? 

The right side image is appealing and more attractive than the left side. Even though the product is the same, it is the product photography that takes the product to the next level.

3. Product Page Optimization:

3.1 Title: Your title should answer the customer’s question. The title should include the most prominent features of the product. For example, if you are selling biscuits, the title should contain its flavour, weight, main ingredients, and special features like NEWGEN Chocofills cookies 250g Made of Whole Wheat and Oats, Pure Chocolate filled.

3.2 Bullet Points and Description: Mention the product features in the 5 bullet points with a description. I highly recommend working on Enhanced Brand Content or A+ Content as they have more reach than word descriptions. In EBC, you can work on the values and emotional connection of the products. They help in increasing the visibility of the product, thereby impacting sales. Click here to know how A+ content or EBC content boosts your sales.

3.3 Images: Utilization of 9 slots provided for uploading images is highly recommendable. Use white background images, live product images and infographic images. Are you looking for a Graphic Designer to design infographics services? Kindly mail us at [email protected]


4. Product Pricing: 

Pricing of the product is crucial. Finalise the price with the help of the Kitna melaga calculator. I suggest not being too competitive with your pricing and also don’t sell by doubling your competitor’s pricing.

5. Conventional Advertisement Strategy:

Working on generic keywords that don’t fetch any sales is pointless. Generic keyword usage is accepted if you have worked on negative keywords. 

For example, consider Cast Iron Kadai. What will be the generic keyword for this product? 

Kadai right? 

If you use the keyword Kadai, will it bring results only to cast iron Kadai?

An absolute NO. It refers to non-stick Kadai as well.

Note: Be specific and use long tail keywords.

6. Bid wisely: 

Don’t spend money by going with the suggested bid value. First, test your ads with the minimum bid of 3-5 rupees, and scale it up gradually. If you are going to bid on a competitor brand, make sure you have enough budget.

7. Analyse your ads: 

After running your ads for one week, you should start working on negative keywords and remove irrelevant keywords. I highly recommend not bidding a higher amount for keywords.

8. Implement Ecrushing Strategies:

Try both automatic and manual ads with the perfect ecrushing strategies. Check out our results of the ecrushing strategies.

By applying the E-crushing logics, we were able to scale 50 lakhs+ sales from 17 lakhs. On average, we were making 15-20 lakhs and were able to boost sales and bring profitable ACOS.

Not only India, but we have also applied our strategies to International clients, and our E-crushing logics works perfectly fine. With a spend of $854, we brought sales of $37,708 in UK marketplaces.


Check out the other client results also.


Start implementing the above-mentioned strategies to boost sales in this festive season. If you are looking for our agency services to scale your brand, kindly mail us at [email protected]. If you are new to e-commerce and wish to start selling on Amazon, click here.



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