Are You Geared Up For The New Update Of Facebook Story Ads

How Facebook Story Ads Can Become Beneficial For Your Branding?

What is the latest social media marketing trends among the business owners and entrepreneurs around the world?

It is the creation of stories for advertising specific brands and products on the different social media websites. After the amazingly hit Instagram stories, launched in 2017, Facebook is now going to launch Facebook story ads very soon. This will, for sure, begin a new era of social media marketing. The Instagram stories have shown the world how to create innovative advertising stories of several brands and products to grab the attention of the audience. These days, around three hundred million are using Instagram stories for their business growth.

With the launch of Facebook story ads, every business owner, small to large will become able to keep their brands and companies in front of their audience, staying ahead of the game.

What Is A Story?



Stories will also allow the users to share unique and imaginative content, representing their company, business, brand, or products, with their audience. Facebook stories will be a more effective way to get connected with your audience, engaging them with your brand or products in a natural way.

Business owners around the globe have loved this new tool of social media marketing very much, but many of them dived in without having a suitable strategy. In this article, we are going to discuss the perfect recipe to cook useful stories on Facebook, and how these stories can become beneficial for your marketing campaign.

How To Create Interesting Facebook Stories?

Every literature student cannot become a writer; similarly, all stories cannot create a spark or hit the brain of the audience. There are some special ingredients for creating an effective Facebook story. Let’s find out them below.

Creativity And Imagination

The more you shake the creative corners of your brain, the more you will become able to come out with better ideas to create a meaningful and peerless story. Try not to copy from other’s stories; create your brand stories based on your flurry of imagination. A little gush of creativity is enough to make your story the show-stopper. You can use emoji, stickers, different kind of handwriting layouts, etc. to make your story attractive. To check the size of the images or video click here

Keep the Voice Of Your Brand Prominent

Most people get tangled themselves in the web spun of creativity and innovation so much, that they miss the main part, to make the voice of their brand prominent in the story. Your stories are after all for promoting your brand and products on the social media platform. So, you must not afford to miss this part. 

Make Your Ads Intimate

People on the social media platform, especially On Facebook, like those ads to which they can relate their lives. You should keep a certain level of intimacy in your story. If your audience relate their requirements to your story, then the story will certainly win their hearts.


In the story ads, you have to add links to your website. This will ensure of driving more and more traffic to your official website and increase your sales. Besides adding the link, you must put a call-to-action to encourage the audience to click on the link, visit your website. Click here to read about the various call-to-action available on Facebook story ads.

With a personalized approach, a clear tone of brand awareness, and an effective call-to-action, one can easily make the best of the Facebook story. 

Advantages Of Facebook Stories For Your Business

Check out the following points and you will know how Facebook stories will become beneficial for your social media marketing campaign.

Brand Awareness

The frequent story ads will help users to be familiar with your brand. If you have already created a business page and frequently share content for your business promotion, then with creating a story ad, you will become more active than before. Create an imaginative story by using not only content by different kinds of media; this will engage your audience to your Facebook business page as well as your website better than before.

Enhanced Humanized Approach

Facebook story ads will help people to have a clear insight into your business in a more friendly and effective way. You can share a personal and more intimate story with your audience, to which your audience can relate their needs. A story of fleeting moments of fun and rejoice is always better to make a positive business approach to your audience than a drab and lackluster post.

Constant Reaching Out for People

You have shared a post including some interesting facts about your business on your Facebook business page. What if many of your targeted audience miss to see it. If you remarket using story ads, then it will be shown at the top of the newsfeed of your connections.

No doubt, Facebook story ads are going to drive the meaning of post and share documents, images to another dimension. If you want to lift your social media campaign to another level and grow your business fast, then Facebook story ads will be an effective tool to apply. Start your preparations from right now.


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