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Facebook Ads Tips: Most Valuable Tricks for Beginners 2023

In this digital era, businesses are required to have an online presence, one of which is through social media. Interestingly, It is undeniable that social media will be the biggest advertising medium in the future, even now it has been going on.

There are many social media that you can use to advertise, but of the many existing media, Facebook is one of the best choices. As one of the most popular social media in the world, it can become a potential business field thanks to the presence of Facebook Ads.

With Facebook ads, you can promote your business effectively. You can reach wider audiences worldwide using just one platform.

Advertising using Facebook Ads does give you a huge opportunity for your business. Many businesses have been successful after doing this, but many also have failed to advertise on Facebook Ads.

Of course, you don’t want to be the failed one. Thus, you need to know seven tips and tricks for successful advertising on Facebook Ads for beginners 2023:

#1. Know your Facebook ads target  

The next tip is to determine your target Facebook ads. This is the main thing that must be done to achieve advertising success. You can start researching your target audience groups that are potentially suitable and relevant to your product or service.

Facebook Ads has a feature that can search for specific target audiences, including their geography, gender, age, preferences, and so on.

This data is very important so that your ad is right on target. In addition, look for a target audience that has an interest in or is related to the product or service you are promoting.

#2. Incorporate Video Ads

Currently, the audience is more interested in seeing advertisements with attractive video visuals, so you have to be creative in making campaigns. It is best to follow what’s trending.

Audiences prefer ads in the form of video content over text, because videos are easier to share, easier to remember, and of course, they will be more interesting than written content.

In particular, the rising of animated commercials is becoming the most popular format among businesses for advertising purposes. It is because the visuals are compelling, and eye-catching, making the audience stay longer on your video ads.

However, it needs professional design skills and high creativity to create the best video ads. In this case, you can use an explainer video production company to help you produce professional and high-quality animated video ads.

So, the video format can be the best choice in advertising on Facebook to attract more customers and invite them to buy your product.

#3. Create a custom call-to-action

A good ad without a call to action will do nothing. It is an action button that directs the audience to take an action. Call-to-Action (CTA) has a crucial role in advertising strategy to attract potential customers, including Facebook marketing.

So, you can include imperative sentences for CTA buttons in your ad such as, “buy now”, “contact us”, “order immediately”, “get it now”, and so on.

Additionally, you can leverage text animation apps to create compelling call-to-action text at the end of your video ads, it helps you convert your potential customers into loyal customers.

#4. Utilize Facebook ads placement

Next, you can choose where product ads will be displayed on Facebook Ads by utilizing Facebook ads placement. Whether it’s in the feed, desktop feed, or on the right side of Facebook. This feature is provided to be able to make your choice manually, then Facebook will usually ask you to review the ad placement.

You can also choose automatic placement. So, it is Facebook that will determine the right place for the ad to be placed to maximize the audience.

#5. Expand your market through lookalike targeting

The appealing feature provided by Facebook ads for your business is lookalike targeting features. This latest feature can create new target audiences that have similar characters to your old audience. It is a favourite among advertising professionals.

You can have the opportunity to grow your business and expand your market by reaching people who are likely to be interested in your product or service. This feature can make it easier for you to group target audiences automatically.

#6. Retarget your audiences

Retargeting is used to find out people who have visited your website. After entering your website, they will enter Facebook and be able to see your ad.

This method is now famous and is widely used by e-commerce companies, especially companies with big brands. It’s not uncommon for you to find their ads on the Facebook page, right?

#7. Convert your ads well

After successfully creating an ad, the next important step is to convert the ad properly. These tricks are the best way for an audience that already knows your business to be responsive to your Facebook ads and become interested in buying products. 

You can do several things to convert your ads well and get high conversion sales, through promos, offline store systems, and other things that are the strengths of your business.


The advantages of using advertising and digital campaigns in business are urgently needed at this time. In particular, advertising through social media platforms has become a must for every business to compete in the current era. It is because most people around the world use social media to find products or services they’re looking for.

Facebook is the best social platform to advertise your businesses in 2023. Do you wish to know how to run a Facebook ad? Click here to get step-by-step guidance. Thus, you can implement the Facebook ads tips and tricks mentioned above to guide you in producing optimal Facebook ads.  







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