Facebook Marketing-101

Facebook Marketing: How should you begin?

No doubt, Facebook is the champion of all the social media websites. It is, in fact, an amazing place to stay connected with your friends and families as well as share your ideas online. From the small to large business enterprises, find Facebook helpful in making new customers, building a strong and lasting relationship with the present customers, and win back the previous ones, through interactions and self-promotion. In this article, we are going to discuss the quick and simple steps to promote your business along with your products on Facebook.

Create Your Business Page

  • Create a business page where you can showcase your products.
  • Set the brand logo as the profile picture, and find out something relevant to your business for the cover picture.
  • Write few neat and catchy lines to depict your brand.

Just like, you own a shop to sell your products, having a business page holds the same importance. Without owning a business page, one cannot be able to exhibit his products in front of the billions of Facebook users. Facebook pages for brands and businesses are a lot like the regular profile Facebook page. You will be able to make interaction with your customers through your business page. So, make sure your business page mirrors your brand.


Just owning a Facebook business page is not enough to accelerate your business and fetch customers. One has to create interesting and mesmerizing content and post them on the page to increase visitors and followers. Facebook users, who already like your page, will see your post on their news feed, and if they like your post they will share it on their wall. Your content has to be short, straight to the point, and visual to attract the visitors and glue them to your page and brand.

Make New Connections

What’s so good about sharing content or video clips, if nobody sees it? There is ”Build Audience” tool in the Admin menu of your business page. This will help you to send invitations to both your Facebook friends as well as to your email contacts. This will undoubtedly boost your page followers and turn them into potent customers.

Engage Your Followers

Content generation on Facebook is an effective way to accelerate your brand’s popularity, no doubt. But to win all time attention of your followers, you need to engage them in your post. Share your weekly business updates, new products or services with your followers. If they comment on your posts, then try to maintain a friendly yet crisp conversation with them.

Think About Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one of the important steps in Facebook marketing. Facebook offers their traditional advertising options to its users; by using it one can place his custom ads on the user’s news feed. Let’s discuss in brief about Facebook ads in next article.

Follow these simple steps to promote your business or market your products on platforms like Facebook, where billions of users are maintaining their profiles, hoping to explore new things, new products and services.

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