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A Success Story: How Karthik Achieved ₹5 Lakhs/Month on Amazon


Many people think Amazon is a tough place for common people and it is fit only for big brands. However, the reality is quite different. Every day, common individuals are unlocking the potential of Amazon and achieving remarkable financial success. In this blog, we’ll explore Kartik’s Success Story, a proud student of Nivetha E-Academy, who managed to earn a substantial ₹5 lakhs per month on Amazon within a mere two years. His story demonstrates that with the right guidance and hard work, you too can turn your e-commerce dreams into reality.

Meet Karthik – A True Success Story:

Kartik was working in a mall. When the pandemic struck and changed the landscape of his life, he was compelled to seek new opportunities. During a casual conversation with friends, he discovered Nivetha E-Academy and decided to enrol in our one-day Amazon workshop. Little did he know that this decision would be the catalyst for a remarkable transformation.

Karthik’s Initial Triumph:

Karthik became a part of our academy in 2021 with a dream – to establish a thriving presence on Amazon. Within a mere 45 days of initiating his Amazon venture, he achieved an impressive ₹1.6 lakhs in sales. This rapid success was a direct result of applying our specialized Amazon strategies, underscoring the fact that, with the right guidance and unwavering dedication, extraordinary results can be attained within a relatively short timeframe.

Karthik’s Recent Achievement:

Fast forward to today, and Karthik’s success knows no bounds. He has expanded his reach to multiple e-commerce platforms, but it’s his earnings on Amazon alone that have reached an impressive ₹5 lakhs per month. Karthik is not just a seller; he now owns his own warehouse and manages a dedicated team. In a span of just two years, he has developed his own successful system, proving that the journey from a beginner to an e-commerce entrepreneur is possible for anyone willing to put in the effort.

Do you want to achieve just like Karthik?

If Karthik’s journey has inspired you to explore the world of e-commerce and strive for success similar to his, your path begins right here.

Our Amazon Masterclass program is designed to nurture aspiring entrepreneurs and guide them through every stage of their journey. We cover the entire process, from obtaining GST registration, product selection, supplier identification, price setting, product photography, and infographics, all the way to product launch. We also assist with advertising audits to ensure you’re maximizing your potential. We’re with you at every step, and you can even build your team with our support.

Your entrepreneurial journey starts here. Join our Masterclass program and take the first step towards transforming your dreams into a thriving reality, just as Karthik did.


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