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Want to know the best way to automate your business? Check out Zapier Mastery course by Deepak Kanakaraju

Managing multiple tasks in business is cumbersome. With today’s technology, we can automate most of the tasks and in return, it also will increase your productivity and develop your company.One such tool is Zapier and in this blog, I am gonna the share my insights on Zapier mastery course by Digital Deepak.

Before we dive into the review of the Zapier Mastery course, I wish to give a brief intro about Zapier

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web-based tool that connects with more than 1000 apps and automates our day-to-day tasks. Data flows from one app to another with less effort.

I am sharing some of the tasks you can automate using Zapier

Task 1:

Consider that I am organizing an event. I am asking all my users to fill a google form for the same.

Once all are filed, the data can be added to a subscriber list and a welcome mail can be triggered. Also, we can integrate to send SMS confirmation to all the users who showed interest.

This not only saves the data but also makes us automate the work

Task 2:

Whenever I add a new Shopify product, I can create a zap(It is the blueprint of the task that you create on Zapier) to post the picture automatically on facebook or other social media


Task 3:

Consider that I run a facebook lead ad and I get the list of leads. I can add all the data to my subscriber’s list and shoot an automatic mail. Zapier does all these on its own

Task 4:

I generally upload a youtube video, Later I copy the link and paste it in my page and mention my followers to check out my new youtube video

With Zapier there is no need to do this. As soon as a youtube video is published, it will be auto-posted on the facebook page that we configured


Click here to check the entire list of apps that can be used on Zapier.

Isn’t that interesting. I just gave a few examples above and we can do a lot more in Zapier. I would love to call Zapier as Autobot

Who is Deepak Kanakaraju/Digital Deepak

Deepak kanakaraju is the trainer of Zapier Mastery course. He is a digital marketing consultant and blogger and a well know digital marketer. He runs a blog called Digitaldeepak. He is in the digital Marketing field for the past 7 years. He is very famous for one of the course  called 100 days blogging course . If you wish to start a blog or wanna scale it up, do check his course. I have also purchased the course and found it very useful.


Common doubts about the course:

Here are some of the common doubts about the Zapier Mastery course.

Am I eligible to buy the product? Will it suit me?

What types of automation can Zapier do?

What about pricing?

Do I require coding skills?

After analysis, I have mentioned some of the users who can try this course and also Zapier.

Website owners ( Shopify and woocommerce)

Consider that you have a Shopify/woocommerce store, you can automate few things below

  • Tracking all orders in a google sheet
  • Adding the new customers to your e-mail marketing list.
  • Post your new product on social media automatically
  • Track all sales from PayPal in an excel sheet
  • Syncing offline orders with Facebook ads


If you are a blogger, you will definitely love this tool. Some of the tasks that you can automate are as below

  • Automatically post your blog on social platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Manage your subscribers and automate your emails
  • Track all your subscriber’s data to a google sheet


Most of the YouTubers will have their edited video in google drive or Dropbox. You will have to manually download the files and upload on youtube. I am sharing some of the tasks that I love to automate

  • Publish videos from drive and Dropbox
  • Post new videos on Twitter, Insta, facebook automatically
  • Embed youtube videos on the blog automatically using a search string
  • Monitor competitor videos using the search string


Are you feeling difficult to multi-task and have a track of the work? This tool will be a time saver for you

  • Post media on all platforms automatically
  • Have a track of social tags, comments, likes etc
  • Have a track of sales and invoice at one place


This is a perfect kit for agencies who handle multiple accounts like WordPress, Facebook for clients etc

  • Save your client email attachments in a google drive or dropbox automatically
  • Post on multiple pages automatically
  • Get an automated SMS for specific emails with a search query or from address
  • Make chatbox reply for general emails or queries

Social Media Influencers:

If you are an influencer, you have to spend most of the time in analyzing which post performed well, who tagged you and who liked your post. With Zapier you can track all these and consolidate data in a single platform.

Before buying the course you can check the sample video

About the  course

In zapier mastery course below are the topics he covers

  • Introduction about Zapier
  • Who is the target audience for Zapier
  • Zapier Pricing and plans
  • What are zap, task, and path
  • How to send data from blog popups, landing pages to google sheets
  • How to collect user data when they made payment using Instamojo
  • What is Single zap and how to create multiple zaps
  • How to send SMS for your subscribers
  • How to enter and track your affiliate sales in a single google sheet
  • How to track data and update data in google sheet using Zapier

Before starting the course, I had less knowledge on Zapier panel and also about webhooks and automation.

The course is for 2 hours plus and after taking the course, I am confident to use Zapier panel and also felt that I should start automating most of my business tasks so that I can be more productive.

No of videos : 13

Total Hours: 2 hours +

I am sharing a screenshot of the list of the topics that are covered in Zapier Mastery course

Zap pricing

Price Comparison

I compared the pricing of the course with other courses from udemy or other platforms and also the topics covered. I felt Deepak covered many types of automation with live examples.

The course original price is Rs.4999 and there is a special offer running exclusively for our users.  Click here and use code ‘nivetha’ to get it at the discounted price


Pros of the course:

  • I searched for many courses and this is perfectly a mastery course since it covers all the topics
  • He was crisp to the point. Many courses nowadays waste their time in sharing irrelevant points, to drag the time.
  • He not only showed how to integrate but tested the zaps with sample examples, that is the best part of the course. He showed with live examples. I loved the transparency.

Cons of the course:

  • He could have covered Social media integration and automation which is required for almost all the companies.
  • Many zaps he used were paid apps. If some free apps like Gmail are used for a few case studies it would be nice


I don’t use software to automate my work. After Completing this course, I started taking a free trial of zapier and started exploring a lot more benefits.

I am still exploring the various apps mentioned and it has a lot more to do than mentioned in the course


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