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Tools to Maximize Your Efficiency While Working Remotely

Due to COVID-19, businesses have to accept remote work as the new standard, altering how we live, work, and interact for the foreseeable future.

Although remote work isn’t complicated, it still isn’t simple.

All businesses must get used to working remotely as a team and use the ideal technologies for their particular workflows and processes. As the number of tools and software designed for remote employees and virtual teams grows, so does their availability. 

Working remote involves planning and preparation, whether you’re a digital nomad on a stunning beach or a full-time employee working from the comfort of your home. So take some time to prepare yourself by equipping yourself with various software tools that can help you in the long run. Let’s check out some of the tools that I would recommend.

Tools for Project Management 

Before that, let me quickly tell you why it is crucial to have project management Software. 

  • Highly Economical
  • Collaboration and productivity improvements
  • No additional hardware installations
  • Low Upkeep Technology
  • Trustworthy and Secure
  • Super Time Saver: Remote team support


Many remote crews rely on ProofHub, an online project management tool, to centralize everything. Clients and other team members can interact with coworkers without any issues. Online proofreading, chat for input, and remote project management is some of the capabilities that ProofHub offers. Teams that want a higher level of management competence must have ProofHub, an all-in-one remote project management tool.


Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software that aims to make your business projects more productive. The platform is outfitted with features that enable monitoring, boosting production, and improving the output. Teams can complete and deliver work on time with Zoho Projects. The pricing structure for Zoho Projects is flexible, with five options, including one free for freelancers and small teams.

Email Marketing tool with Analytics 


ConvertKit is an email marketing solution geared toward e-commerce marketers. It features a simplistic email editor but good subscriber management, segmentation, and form-building capabilities. 

ConvertKit is essential for reaching out to your audience and making sales. We must be able to classify and segment people depending on their interests to avoid delivering them irrelevant material. The statistics and the capability to monitor subscriber information and email performance are very much appreciated. This well-liked email marketing software’s former simplicity is one of its most vital features. It gives a simple way to update your email list. You can group people into categories, tag them, and target an audience with emails that follow that pattern. Email sequences for new subscribers can also be built up! With the automation tools, a new subscriber may be added to the sequence, funnelled through each email in the sequence, and have extra automation added to it. You can put them in a sequence asking for their assistance in making a product more engaging if they did not open an email.

Team Collaboration Tool 


Slack is a platform for business instant messaging called “where work happens.” Real-time chat, file sharing, audio conversations, a searchable archive, and screen sharing are just a few of the essential services it provides. Because you can easily collaborate with team members from any location thanks to these features, it’s the ideal program for remote workers.

Slack acts as a hub for communication by

  • Diversify the organization by project, subject, or team
  • Supplying robust search capabilities to help you locate information when you need it
  • Preserving the confidentiality of your communications and files


It’s not simple to lead a team. Managing a remote workforce might be more difficult, especially without the proper tools. Trello is a simple web-based solution for individual task or team project management. It enables you to delegate tasks to specific team members or groups, monitor the status of the work, and notify people of critical deadlines. Trello’s mobile app is easy to use, which makes it ideal for mobile remote workers.

Trello facilitates project management by

  • Creating effective task cards and boards for task and project organization
  • Enabling you to customize each card by adding checklists, deadlines, attachments, and more
  • Allowing you with integrated automation to offload tiresome duties

Best Productivity 


A blink is a feature-rich tool that boosts productivity for remote teams and enables collaboration. As a platform for unified communications that is mobile responsive, it intends to transform the employee experience.

To build a work-friendly digital environment that prioritizes efficiency and team cohesion, Blink offers a variety of tools like calendar management, discussion boards, employee directories, and news feeds, among others.

In addition, it provides resources for building micro-applications on the Blink platform. Your company can do this without having any technical expertise to develop its staff communication and collaboration tools.

The absence of management, automatic timesheets, payment cards, network searches, and other features supported by these micro-apps

The ability to optimize these micro-apps for PCs, mobile devices, and tablets, however, is what makes them so appealing.

For businesses that want to assist their mobile workers and keep them updated even while they are on the go, Blink is the best employee app.


If you want to nerd out on managing the tasks for your remote workforce, Todoist is for you. All essential functions include tasks, subtasks, the ability to create projects, make notes and upload files, set reminders, flag items, and a productivity chart.

Best Feedback Tool 

Chimp or Champ 

Remote feedback and collaboration are equally crucial when working with remote teams. Teams develop as professionals when they receive feedback. A competent manager should have a positive outlook on their employees. Chimp or Champ gives managers the easiest and most effective approach to communicating with their team. The team is evaluated each week using an anonymous employee happiness meter. Gain better performance through enhancing employee well-being. To gain feedback, you might purposefully be direct.

Best Screensharing Tool 


Zoom is a group calling software with the outstanding video quality. It has a simple price, is quite reasonable, and is easy to use. You have the option to record any call with a full-length video during remote meetings and video chats. For group chats, you can let teams share your screen. Other Zoom solutions include voice sharing, meetings, video webinars, Zoom rooms, and corporate IM.

Tool for Securing Passwords 


An online password vault can be created using the password management tool 1Password to store all your passwords. By doing this, you won’t need to remember various passwords or risk having someone find out your passwords if you write them down.

You only need to remember one master password when using 1Password, and the program will handle the rest. It may automatically fill out online forms based on retained login information, saving you time.

You can access your passwords on any device you use since 1Password syncs your data across all your devices.

Additionally, it contains a Watchtower tool that scans the internet for security holes and notifies you when your login information on a specific website may have been hijacked. 

Additional Features are 

  • Automatic Form Filling 
  • Advanced Encryption 
  • Data breach Alerts 

Employee Reward Tool 


An online platform called Wooboard honours an employee for their hard work. Programs for sending and receiving public recognition can be created. Through WooBoard’s social engagement features, staff members may acknowledge their accomplishments and start conversations.

Tool for recording Video Walkthrough 


Think about giving a presentation to three individuals in three different time zones. A presentation of this nature can be challenging to schedule. Instead, you may use a tool like Loom to make a video tutorial that you can share with everyone who needs to watch it.

You can record videos with Loom that your teammates can see anytime. Loom makes making and sharing all of them simple, whether it’s a quick update on a project, a tutorial, or an introduction video for new employees. You can capture your computer screen and annotate it with your face overlaid. This is a lot more effective method of informing your staff than trying to explain. This is a lot more effective approach to communicating with your team than trying to do it via email or juggling multiple meeting times. It’s also more convenient and enjoyable. 

Thanks to its desktop apps, Chrome extension, and iOS app, you can create videos using Loom anytime, anywhere.

  • Additional Features- Screen and webcam recording
  • Video drawing tool
  • Calls-to-action
  • Custom branding
  • Reports

The report says employees are more effective at working from home. With all of these remote work tools in your hand, remote employees are more likely to be productive and happy. If you wish to learn more about remote work, check out a Playbook published by Toptal called “The Suddenly Remote Playbook” which offers learnings about all areas from Slack best practices and Zoom etiquette to advice for managers and businesses, how employers and employees can approach the sudden shift to remote work through their people framework, chosen tools, and company culture. For more updates, follow our social media page.

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