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Pabbly Connect – A better alternative to Zapier

Pabbly Connect and Zapier are both automation tools that help users to minimise repetitive tasks by integrating multiple applications. Zapier ruled this automation industry for a long time. Pabbly breaks the barrier by providing every automation to run your business at a much cheaper cost than Zapier. 

Even though both do the same automation tasks, there are many other criteria which they differ from each other. Let us understand why Pabbly Connect is the best fit for your business automation than Zapier.

1. Premium Apps integration:

Zapier: Using Zapier, you can connect over 2000 apps with deeper integrations only in higher-end packages which start at $74/month. Below this package, you are not eligible to access more than 3 premium apps.

Pabbly Connect: It connects over 850+ applications only. Even in the free plan, you can access all the premium applications.

2. Pricing:

Zapier: $29/month with only 750 tasks. This includes only 20 Zaps(Action on Zpaier is called Zap). For more tasks and unlimited workflow automations, you need to look for higher plans which cost a minimum of $74/month.

Pabbly Connect: Here, you can get 12000 tasks at just $14/month and you can get unlimited workflow automation in all plans. This is a huge difference and that’s why Pabbly Connect is way cheaper than Zapier.

3. Update time: 

Zapier: It works on the concept of Polling. Polling is not real-time data and it consumes a lot of server resources. The specific software needs to check the application every interval of time. So it takes a huge delay of about 15 minutes (starter plan). It triggers the server every 15 minutes to check the newly arrived data sets.

Pabbly Connect: It works on the concept of Webhooks. Webhooks are the URL which is fed into the application to trigger the data immediately. It fetches real-time data and there are no unnecessary server resources. Even the free plan comes with an instant webhook.

4. Task Count:

Zapier: Every task including the internal task is counted which increases the overall tasks.

Pabbly Connect: It offers free internal tasks. So the overall task rate is reduced.

Free Internal Task List:

5. Schedule Trigger:

Zapier: Recurring Schedule limit is 1 hour i.e. you cannot schedule your workflow every 15 minutes or 30 minutes. Also, the maximum number of days for the recurring schedule is 30 days. 

Pabbly Connect: The minimum recurring schedule limit is JUST A MINUTE. No limits for scheduling your automation workflows. You can even schedule it for a year. 

6. Logical Paths/Routers:

Zapier: For logical paths and routers, you need to go with higher plans like $74/month. Only 5 logical paths are allowed even if you are on a higher plan.

Pabbly Connect: All the plans come with unlimited workflows with unlimited paths.

7. Delay Module: 

Zapier: The delay module comes in a maximum delay of 30 days in your automation workflows.

Pabbly Connect: No restrictions or limits for delaying the workflows. You can set depending upon your need. It works on two criteria:

  • Delay until: It means until a specific date, the workflow can be delayed.
  • Delay for: It means the workflow can be delayed for 7 days, 10 days etc.

Why Pabbly Connect is the best alternative?

At an affordable range, it suits all needs of businesses with its automation process and integration applications. It makes businesses run seamlessly without much effort. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee offer.

Automations that you can do in Pabbly Connect:

1. Automate your Google Business Reviews:

With Pabble Connect, you can automate your reviews based on star ratings.

2. Proper follow-up of leads:

You can capture leads in different ways like FB ads, Google Forms, lead generation software etc. There is no proper follow-up for leads. It leads to the missing of potential leads. Using Pabbly Connect, you can add them directly to marketing automation platforms like Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Zoho CRM, and Convertkit. With this, you can easily connect with the leads and increase the conversion ROI.

3. Capture Order Details:

Pabbly Connect lets you capture order details directly from different payment gateways. Through this, you can send customers the invoice, order confirmation message, specific files and other information across Whatsapp, Email and SMS.

4. Auto Enrollment into LMS:

You can get purchases through your desired payment gateway and automate the course enrollment inside LMS platforms like teachable, thinkific etc.

5. Auto Enrollment into Webinar Platform:

Users will be auto-registered into webinar platforms like Zoom once they make the payment process. This can be done for both paid and free webinars.

6. Fetch Ad Spend Report:

Pabbly Connect lets you fetch real-time data from Facebook ads and understand the volume and value of the sales in a detailed manner.

Boost Your Team Productivity:

Leave management system:

Create a Google Form. When an employee applies for a leave through the form, the same will the written on the Google Sheets, and the concerned HR/Manager receives a Whatsapp notification. After the HR/Manager approves the sheet, a Whatsapp message will be sent to the concerned employee.

Whatsapp reminder from Google Calendar:

Create an event in the Google Calendar, and you will receive a WhatsApp message one day before the event/meetings.

Send Salary Slip Automatically:

You can automatically send Salary slips to your employee via Email.

File Sharing Automation with Slack:

You can upload the files to Google drive and your files are automatically shared with your team members through a message via Slack.

Pabbly Connect– the Powerhouse of automation tool. This is a complete automation bundle for any business out there. You can blindly go ahead with Pabbly Connect by offering various automation facilities at a really affordable price. Do let us know in the comment to understand other automation tools. Follow our Instagram page for the latest e-commerce updates.

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