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How to Master Flipkart Product Listings- Everything You Need to Know

After the pandemic, people prefer to buy on online platforms. Amazon and Flipkart are two big giants in the e-commerce industry. Many people are showing interest in selling on online platforms, but they fear that the process of selling on e-commerce platforms may be tedious. Let us break the myth and simplify the process of Flipkart product listings.

Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in India, headquartered in Bengaluru. Two IIT graduates Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal founded Flipkart in 2007. This blog lets you know the step by step procedure of listings the products on Flipkart.

Who can sell on Flipkart?

Anyone with valid documents such as Individuals, Proprietorship firms, Private limited companies, etc can sell their products under their brand on Flipkart.

 Want to be a Seller in Flipkart?

Registration with Flipkart needs the following documents for the seller account to activate to start selling your products.

  • GST Number (not mandatory for non-GST items like books)
  • Bank details (mostly Current Account is preferred )
  • PAN card
  • KYC documents
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Address proof

Brand approval:

You can get brand approval if you got a trademark or even applied for it. Else, you need to submit a brand authorisation letter from the brand. Most of the categories need trademarks for selling on Flipkart. But few regular products need at least an invoice from an authorised distributor. For some categories like clothing, you can get brand approval easily without a trademark or documents. In worst cases, Flipkart will block the listings by stating that you should submit a trademark for the same.

To be on the safer side, once you start getting orders, please apply for a trademark. Trademark is mandatory for private label brands. Even if your trademark is in pending status, there is a high chance that you will get approval. If you are selling a branded product, it will ask for Brand Authorisation Letter. It will throw an error like this. 

Else, you will receive like this.

You can check your approval request under My listings ->Track your Approval. 

Flipkart Listing Process:

Listing your products on Flipkart is easier than on other online platforms. When you start Flipkart product listings, you must be clear about your product category and the correct details of your products. The seller must have at least one product to sell on the website.


There is no specific attribute for the title such as Item Name or Product Title. Flipkart has its title logic which includes attributes. The product model name will be taken as a title with other specification attributes. So phrase the Model Name and Model Number.


The product image should be clear with white background with 1100*1100 pixels either length or width. Please follow image guidelines and make sure to upload the mandatory images with an asterisk sign. We recommend providing as many images as possible to give a better experience for your customer to know more about your product. Adding infographics can help in product visibility. 


When listing the products with multiple variants, correct details like colour & size is mandatory. The process of changing the colour or size attribute is lengthy in Flipkart. For any attribute template changes, you should contact seller support.

How to create variations for existing listings?

If you have used bulk listings, you would have used Group ID for creating variation. You need brand approval for creating variations.

Go to Listings->My listings. From the dashboard, click on the three dots about each product. If you click on Add Variants, you will see whether this category approves variants or not. For categories like shoes, clothes etc. you can add variations.

After the creation of variations, you have entered all the details like new listings. If the old listings have any values, they will be populated in the variation listings.

Description & Key features:

The description should be 1000 characters which clearly explains the product. Add keywords that are relevant to the product.


There is no particular tool exclusive to Flipkart keywords. But you can use google keyword planner, and for extracting Flipkart longtail keywords. Add as many keywords as possible. Also, make sure that your keywords are relevant and have high potential. You can also find the most searchable long-term keywords in Flipkart Search Bar by entering your product name.  

flipkart seo

If you are adding it in bulk upload, you can use this symbol || to separate between keywords.

Other brand names should not be included in keywords.


SKU means Stock Keeping Unit, SKU ID is a unique id that is one id refers to only one product. 

Listing Management Dashboard:

Flipkart Product Listings
Active Listing :

The listing which is active for sales and visible to customers is shown here.

Inactive Listing:

The listings are marked inactive by you and are not visible to the customers. 

Archived Listing:

It is like deleted listings. But the listings are not deleted, you can use them whenever you need them.

Blocked Listing:

These listings are blocked by Flipkart for violating policies like incorrect features, high or low MRP, Copyrights, Patent rights, etc.

Ready for Activation:

Some listings were not able to be active for some reasons which are now ready for activation will be shown here.

 Types of listing in Flipkart:

  • Single listing
  • Bulk listing

If the listings have been created but not sent to QC, they will be in the draft.

Single Listings:

Log in to your Flipkart seller account. Under listings, select My listings -> Add new listings -> Add a single listing.

First, you need to select the vertical, then you will be moved to the next step, where you will have to choose the brand. Enter the brand and proceed with adding product information.  

You have to upload the images of the product. While uploading product images, make sure that you go through the Flipkart image guidelines to follow the steps. Click on upload image, and upload the image of the product. Every vertical will have its mandatory requirement. So as per the mandatory requirement, you can upload the images and once uploaded click on save. The moment you have met these requirements, you will get a green tick on your seller dashboard. Include various image angles of your product. Remember that visual images are more appealing to customers than text. 

Give mandatory details like product price, stock, shipping information, product description and additional description, keywords etc. The more details you provide about the product, the more the customers can relate to it. That would help your product to be more visible and bring organic sales.

Bulk Listings:

Similarly, you can also do bulk listing using an excel sheet. To do bulk listings, choose to Add New Listings -> Add Listings in Bulk. Choose your relevant vertical and select the brand as like single listings.

Flipkart Catalog:

Inside the Flipkart Catalogue template, the seller is required to fill in details like – Seller SKU ID, Brand, Brand Colour, Pack Of, Image URLs, Group ID, EAN/UPC, Description, Search Keywords, Key Features, etc.

Now download the Catalog Template and fill in all the details as much as you know about the product. Filling the mandatory information is sufficient but giving many details gives more visibility to the product. After entering all the details in the catalog file, save and upload it. Please don’t change the name of the file.

“Send to QC” your catalog. Once approved, you can proceed with further steps. The most important aspect of bulk uploading Flipkart listings is accurately filling and completing the catalogue template with no errors or warnings.

QC verified sheet:

QC verified sheet contains details of the product MRP, Discount, Selling price, Shipping charges, HSN code, Package dimension, Stock count, Flipkart seller details, etc., If any errors in the QC during quality check, Flipkart will display the errors in product attributes. You need to rectify the errors with the error-tag.

Reasons for QC fail:

There may be some reasons for failure like a Product image that shows MRP, a Blurred image, not uploading all sides of the image, product weight is missing, product manufacture and expiry date, the license number missing, etc., The same image of the product can not be used several times for various products. It will throw an error “Product Already Listed” with the corresponding FSN(Flipkart Serial Number).

SEO Optimized Flipkart listing:

Thinking of just listing your product on Flipkart is enough to get sales but it is not. You have to market the product with loyalty. If your product has good quality and your service is genuine, then you can get better sales. With better SEO, you can get better sales. Here are some Flipkart Hacks every seller must know.  Also, some points to be followed in the SEO,

  • Know the target customer for your product.
  • Select the keyword that has relate to your product.
  • Use the keywords in the right place.
  • Social media Interaction

Start a business as a seller on Flipkart as it is easy to sell your product on online platforms. It is a very easy process and with good marketing, you can boost your sales.  The better quality, attractive image and good description will lead to better sales. To know more about mastering the Flipkart selling, check out our Flipkart advanced course. Use coupon code FLIPKART to get the course at 50%off.

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