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5 Hacks that every Flipkart seller should know

Hello Flipkart seller!!! Are you confused about how to operate Flipkart seller panel? I am gonna share you 5 Flipkart hacks that every Flipkart seller must know.

HACK  1: Change of titles

Flipkart does not allow us to enter the titles of the products during product listing. Flipkart generates the title with the attributes that we input.

Most of us have struggled to change the titles on Flipkart. I am gonna share the best way to change the title on Flipkart.

Flipkart has a title formula for each category. Most of the category titles are generated from the model name plus other attributes like Size, color, Material, sales package. So changing the model name will help in changing the title.

Few categories don’t have a model name at all. In that case, you have to understand which attributes contribute to the title formation. If you are not able to find out the formula, raise a ticket on Flipkart mentioning the category name. They will share the attribute combination for the title.

Once you get the formula, you can change the attributes and hence the title can be modified as per your requirement.

Please note that by this method

  • You can change part of the title only
  • Many attributes are dropdown values, so you have fewer options in framing your own title

HACK 2: Adding keywords

Flipkart allows adding keywords at the backend. It is referred to as Search keywords in edit catalog page. You can add 1024 characters manually when you do one by one update. However, Flipkart support team claims that only 3 words are allowed per listings and only the first 3 will be indexed.


I have also observed that only the 1st 3 words are indexed properly, so I suggest to work on just 3 words as Flipkart keywords

How to add keywords

  • Click my listings
  • Select the SKU you wish to edit. In the extreme right-click the three dots and click on the Edit Catalogue.
  • Once the product details are opened, click on the Edit button in the Additional description and a popup will be opened as shown below
  • Now enter the search keywords

flipkart keywords

If you wish to update keywords on bulk, raise a ticket on Flipkart with SKU and search keywords.


Make sure that the keywords are only 3 and there are no brand names in the keywords.

How keywords work on Flipkart

Let me explain to you how keywords work on Flipkart. Consider that I am adding a keyword ‘boys cotton shirt’ to one of my listings, the keyword will be indexed only when ‘boys cotton shirt’ is typed.

The keywords like tshirt, shirt, cotton shirt, boys shirt will not be indexed. Only when the 3 words are typed exactly your product will be fetched.

Also, after adding keywords, Flipkart considered other factors like a product review, seller rating, seller tier, listing details, images etc in displaying the products on their front page.

Example1:- If you have to give keywords for women hand bag, then it will be like, 1- ‘women’, 2- ‘hand’, and 3- ‘bag’, that’s it, 3 words in total. (Apart from 3 words, others will be discarded by the system.)

Example2:-  We can separate the keywords using a double colon(::). So if you have to give a keyword for a red headset it will be like headset:head phone which is of two different keywords and the word count is three

Note:- You can give one keyword of 3 words or three keywords of 1 word each.

HACK 3: Freebie creation

Flipkart allows us to create freebies for our products. It is like buy 1 product and get another product free

How to create a freebie

  • Select My freebies from Growth Tab
  • Click on Create Promotion
  • Upload the listings you wish to give freebies or you can select category wise also
  • Choose the freebie product using SKU or listing id
  • Enter the start date and end date
  • Within a few hours, the freebie will be live. You can check the same on


Please note that we cannot provide buy 1 and get the same product free. Flipkart does not allow us to give the same product aa s freebie. Purchased product and freebie product should be different

Also, you can give a maximum of 2 freebies to a single product.

HACK 4: Get orders even on holidays

There is a feature called vacation on Flipkart. This will not make your listings inactive. But your dispatch date will be extended.

Consider that I am marking holiday on Monday and Tuesday.

All your products will be visible to the customers and the delivery date to the customers will be increased by 2 days

Also, all the orders in your panel will be showing dispatch by day  as Wednesday though your procurement SLA is 1 day/ 2 days

How to mark the holidays?

  • Select your seller name at top right
  • Click on Manage Profile
  • Select the option Calendar and click on view
  • Click on add-in Vacation plan column and a pop up will be shown as below
  • Enter the details and click on save

Flipkart hacks


You can take a maximum of 50 holidays in a year,  You can mark a maximum of 30 consecutive days, including business holidays and all holidays should be marked at least 2 days in advance.

HACK 5: Grouping of products

Grouping products by size, color etc will help in better cataloging and also increases the visibility.

Flipkart allows grouping of products for a few categories. This can be done during the process of listings itself.

If you are using single listings, you can create variations. If you are using a bulk file you can enter group id while listing your products

However, if you have missed grouping up the products during listing, you can do it at any time using the below method.

Just raise a case with the list of SKU you wish to group with the variation. Variation can be size, color or other attributes. Once the ticket is raised, the Flipkart team will group the products.


Creating promotions on Flipkart will boost sales. Check out the video below

Bonus Flipkart Hacks:

Check out the below video on how to find your Flipkart product URL’S using FSN ID 


Please note that policies changes on Flipkart from time to time. You can confirm the policy changes by contacting Flipkart seller support.

For any queries feel free to comment below and I would be happy to assist you

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  1. Hello Madam,

    I am a seller on amazon and flipkart. I am doing considerably good over amazon but unable to fetch sales from my flipkart portal. I have listed so many products but not getting any sale. I read this article and trying to work on it. Hope it would help in getting sales over flipkart. Some more tips regarding flipkart seller portal will be helpful.

    Thank you !

  2. Great article. Thank you so much.
    I have a question. How can my product always come on the first page if they take only the first 3 keywords in the exact order ?
    Does this mean that I should add only 3 keywords?
    Is there any other strategy that I can use so that they pick my product for multiple keywords ?

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Tanushree,

      I will suggest you to rank on the 3 particular keywords first & you can find out the best keywords from the & also from the google keyword planner so choose the best or top ranked keyword for your product first & then apply it in your listings.

      Hope it will help you,

      Thanks !

  3. Hey Nivetha,
    Thanks for sharing this detailed article… I want to start selling with flipkart but is there any type of gst no need or not?

  4. Simply desire to say your article is as astounding. The clearness on your submit is just great and
    that i could suppose you’re knowledgeable in this subject.

    Fine together with your permission let me to grasp your feed to keep
    updated with imminent post. Thank you 1,000,000 and please continue the gratifying work.

    1. If you have mapped a product you won’t have full control on the product

      However if brand owner has approved you to change images you can edit listings

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