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Common WordPress Development Issues and How to Deal with Them

WordPress is one of the most reliable platforms for creating a website. However, even experts sometimes need help with unexpected problems on their websites. Certain common WordPress issues leave website owners scratching their heads for hours. It is particularly a challenge for beginners. Errors on WordPress may seem quite complicated and technical, and website owners often need help to resolve them. This can be concerning.


Hence it is important to know WordPress development and the best ways to fix them. The below section of this article discusses some of the most common WordPress problems and their quick fixes.

Common WordPress Development Issues

Website Security and Passwords Issues on WordPress:

Website security and password issues on WordPress usually occur because of outdated plug-ins, or when one uses nulled themes & plugins as most of the common security issues revolve around plug-in and theme development problems. The update includes critical security patches as new plug-ins and themes come up regularly. Websites that do not receive regular updates can develop passwords and security errors. 

eCommerce platforms based on WordPress use third-party plug-ins to facilitate payments and other merchant transactions. Such websites should always stay on top of the latest updates to avoid technical glitches. Also, this will ensure a user’s seamless and secure experience on the website.

2. Responsive

Websites having responsive issues must be checked for a plug-in incompatible with the website layout. Some themes and plug-ins get automatic updates causing different issues. If the website appears to have poor responsiveness, it is best to deactivate plug-ins one after the other. This will most likely help resolve the issue. When a website is responsive, it enhances the overall customer experience. For an eCommerce platform, it is one of the most critical aspects as customers view the website on different devices. 

3. HTTP Error while uploading images

There are different ways images can harm a WordPress website. The image may appear incorrect after uploading or may not upload. In both cases, the issue can be from incorrect permission. It means the site needs to know that it can add or access files. The issue can occur when the site is hacked, or a plug-in fails. In such a situation, using SFTP to access the upload folder is best. Checking and updating file permissions on the dashboard can also help eliminate the issue.

4. White Screen of Death

One of the most common cryptic problems in WordPress is the white screen of death. Usually, it replaces the entire website with a blank page and an error message. The issue can be a result of the different reasons that prevent proper loading of the website. It is best to check for a comprehensive guide in such a situation. Following are some of the things that can help troubleshoot this issue.

  • Disable plug-in – It is the most likely error behind WSoD. Hence disabling all the plug-in helps fix the problem.
  • Disabling the theme – The theme can also result in issues, so it is best to use SFTP with WordPress.
  • Increase memory limit – When the website runs out of sufficient memory, increasing the maximum limit by editing the php.ini file can help resolve this issue.

5. WordPress Email Issues

Many people need help with emails and WordPress. It is a major business issue because contract forms only sometimes work properly. Besides admin address does not receive notifications. Usually, the reason behind this issue is the malfunctioning of the WordPress hosting server. Sometimes the server is not properly configured, which affects the email delivery system. 

The prominent email service provider uses advanced tools to avoid errors and spam emails. SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) is the industry standard for sending and receiving email. It makes use of appropriate authentication with enhanced deliverability of emails. WordPress also has a dedicated plug-in for configuring WordPress sites.

6. Stylesheet is missing

This is a common issue where an error message tells the user that a theme needs to include the style. It means that the WordPress database cannot find the CSS file. The same issue can also occur if it is in the wrong directory. When a team comes in the form of a plug-in or uploads a package installer in a zip folder, the error can’t take place. Uploading or installing the theme correctly can work around this issue. Also, uploading themes from the WordPress dashboard helps remove the error.

7. Auto update dysfunctioning

It is always important to keep a WordPress website updated. Updating a website is the most important step in maintaining a web page for years. A website with a word press hosting plan does not require manual updating. However, the automatic update will likely not function properly if something goes wrong. Chances are less, but it can take place. The problem usually occurs because of a glitch in the connection between WordPress files and the server. If the auto-update feature of WordPress fails, it will likely result in WSoD. Users can fix this error with a required manual update of WordPress by downloading the latest version and installing it with SFTP.

When using WordPress, it is important to remember that the Shield is not responsible for any update. So when the automatic update function is not working, Shield cannot determine what update is pending. When all options are checked, the WordPress cron is likely not working properly.

If the automatic update features are still not working, then it can be an issue with a plug-in. It is best to review wp_config.php for these settings. If any theme or plug-in is responsible for disabling updates, looking for an alternative option is best. The shield function always tries to set updates on time. However, it is observed that something tries to override the function. Website owners should always turn on the automatic update system and keep track of the cron for a seamless experience.

8. Backups

Several ways are used, and users can create a backup for WordPress websites. The best way to do the job is using a WordPress backup plug-in. Alternatively, website owners can create a manual backup for the WordPress database. Restoring WordPress from backup mostly depends on the process. Most WordPress users back up only some of the websites. In most cases, it is only the WordPress theme. 

This helps reduce the backup size but increases the steps necessary for restoring the site. Some common mistakes that can result in backup issues on WordPress include not packing up the entire website, loss of server connection, and use of the manual backup procedure. Hence, website owners should know the right techniques for creating a backup on WordPress. Also, they must focus on using the right plug-in for the best results.


The developers are constantly working to make the tool even more convenient for the end user. However, there is no denying that the mechanism of a modern website is quite complex, and things can go wrong sometimes.

The above section discusses some of the most common WordPress issues and the most effective ways to resolve them. The WordPress errors covered in this article are among the most common ones that people run into. This list should give a clear idea of all common situations that can come. Users can easily avoid these problems using the solutions discussed in this article. As WordPress is one of the most dependable platforms for running a website. 

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