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2022 Black Friday Deals that every e-commerce seller shouldn’t miss

The time has finally arrived. Yes, it’s time to grab a huge deal at a lower cost. Black Friday is the day when retailers roll out their best deals which include discounts on almost everything. Black Friday has become an event that billions of people across the globe celebrate yearly by visiting shopping malls, department stores and discount websites.

To make the most of every Black Friday, you need a plan. Our simple-to-follow guide makes it easy to hit your targets and enjoy this special day. We help you find the best prices and most trusted sellers.

This blog is a guide for e-commerce business owners who want to continue making money through discounts, deals and other offers that they can offer their customers by using the tools listed.

Don’t forget to come back as we will be updating more exciting deals.

Pabbly Connect:

Pabbly connect is an integration software which allows one to connect with multiple applications with unlimited features. E-commerce sellers can now automate their business entirely with the help of Pabbly Connect. Sellers can easily integrate with other platforms like Shopify, and WordPress and fetch data to automate the flow. 

CODE: BF2022

Get a 5% discount on yearly plans. Offer valid till November 25, 2022

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Jungle scout is exclusively for Amazon sellers where it helps in product finding, launching and scaling the business. It is a powerful keyword research tool that will help you to find the top-performing keywords and optimize product listings on Amazon. The Jungle Scout tool helps you to find the keywords with the highest search volumes, most profitable (best conversion rate) and more. 

Actual Price: $349 | Discounted Price: $279

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Helium 10:

Helium 10 is the complete suite for e-commerce sellers to manage their businesses. Helium 10 offers a wide range of tools which helps to identify the trending product in the markets, you can check the seasonality of the products, review insights, inventory details etc. Sellers can optimise the listings, receive alerts about suspicious activities, discover high-ranking keywords, create a customised campaign by targetting ASINs etc.  Helium 10 makes eCommerce business function effectively.

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Create your eCommerce store within minutes using the super flexible Woocommerce theme DynoShop. Even a non-professional can create an online store with 25+ demo videos with the premade template. DynoShop is mobile and SEO-optimised and it offers multisite compatibility.

Code: BFCM22

Get 15% off store-wide. Offer valid till November 27, 2022

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SalesUltimo is a Facebook Messenger & Instagram marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence that employs chatbots and a visual flow builder to generate leads, nurture those prospects, and send follow-up marketing messages via numerous channels to easily multiply your earnings.

Code: BFCM22

Get 15% off store-wide. Offer valid till November 27, 2022

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For individuals, professionals, and small enterprises, BigRock offers a full web presence suite. Their primary specialities are hosting websites, email accounts, VPS servers, and domain name registration. Affordable services are available at clear prices.

Get 75% off on web hosting. Offer valid from November 21, 2022, to November 28, 2022.

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Through a single, streamlined interface, Shopify’s user-friendly e-commerce platform enables small businesses to create an online store and conduct online sales. Shopify sellers can create a cutting-edge online store and sell using email, SMS, chat, seller marketplaces, other blogs, and websites. With its integrated point-of-sale (POS) for retail storefronts, Shopify makes it simple to do in-person transactions as well.

Offer: $1/month for the first 3 months

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The top domain hosting and service provider in India. The goal of Hostinger is to provide hosting services that make life simpler for developers and their clients.

Get up to 75% off on web hosting plans + free domain &SSL 

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Namecheap is a well-known provider of domains, hosting, and websites, assisting companies all over the world in setting up their online presence and achieving success there.

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Stay tuned for more offers regarding e-commerce tools. 

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