How To Create An Online Store On Instamojo

How to create an online store for free?

Do you know that you can have your own store displaying your digital or physical products for free with a payment gateway?

Instamojo provides a free platform where you can create your own online store and collect payment from your customers

Let’s move on and learn all the details about Instamojo: from how to create Instamojo online store to the effective ways to make the most out of Instamojo payment gateway.

Let us begin to digging inside the Instamojo platform.

What Is Instamojo?

Instamojo is a Bangalore-based company targeting the online business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers, to make their online selling good and receiving payment easier and effortless. It offers a range of solutions to the e-commerce sellers, and entrepreneurs to create their Instamojo online store and manage it easily. Whether it is a digital good or physical good, you can sell it on the Instamojo platform.

In simple words, you can sell your e-book, products, or services online and collect payments. In return, Instamojo charges a fee for every transaction the seller makes. The most interesting part is that a seller can create his account at Instamojo within few minutes. Could anything be simpler than this? 


How Does It Work?

The online merchants can create a free online store and collect payments from the users. Whenever the customers complete the transaction procedure, Instamojo credit the money to the seller’s account after 3-5 working days

What mistakes the online sellers used to do earlier?

Sellers used to offer their customers the net banking or direct deposit for the payment clearance. Most of the time, the customers changed their decision at the last moment.

Studies show since the online sellers switch to the payment gateway, they have been experiencing a hike in their sales and profit.

Any Indian seller can open his Instamojo account by putting all the details of his bank account and start selling online immediately. 

Instamojo is not only the ideal payment gateway for the e-commerce sellers, but people are also even using it to collect the payment for their workshop, event, students are using it to enroll their names for online courses, photographers and musicians are selling their photos and music album, etc.

In one word, Instamojo has released the online sellers from the pain of integrating the payment receiving system. And here, lies the beauty of using Instamojo platform.

Why Would You Choose InstaMojo?

With so many payment gateways out there, what on earth does make Instamojo a hot cake among the online sellers? Following are the major features that make Instamojo payment gateway worth to use it.

  •      The sellers can upload their physical or digital goods at Instamojo. You can even sell free digital goods online.
  •      The sellers can create hassle-free Instamojo online store, along with SEO optimized product pages at Instamojo.
  •      Instamojo comes with features like SMS alert, affiliate programs, etc.
  •      It takes only 5-10 minutes to sign up at Instamojo and set up your online store.
  •      Instamojo does not charge any signup charges. It charges only when a buyer has paid the amount.
  •      The seller can integrate Instamojo with Google Analytics.
  •      If you want to add any discount code for your products, Instamojo allows that.

You may be thinking,

‘’Ah! Can all these features be real at a single platform?’’

Well, it is. You are not daydreaming.

How to start an online store on Instamojo?

From here now, we need to be a little bit more specific about Instamojo.

If you have decided to push your business online, make it visible and sell your products at Instamojo, then just follow these simple steps given below. And if you have not yet decided which products to sell or whether to create an Instamojo online store or not, you should create an account there. After that, you would realize how effortless it is to sell your products online


Step by Step process

  • Click here to signup on Instamojo and get Rs.500. As soon as you signup you will be asked to validate your mobile number. Once your mobile number is validated, you have to enter the basic detail about yourself and your company
  • Select your business type.  If you dont have any company, select type as Individual and proceed further
  • Enter your business name, website  and your annual turnover in the next step
  • In the next step, you have to submit the PAN card details and GST number ( if you have)
  •  The next step is to choose a user name which will your store/payment link. You have to use a good and effective username. The username can be your name, your brand’s name, or the niche of the products you sell.
  • The final step is to share your bank details so that you can receive payment in the bank.

Account Limit:

Till your KYC is verified, you will have a limitation of collecting Rs.10,000.  To upgrade you have to submit KYC details of your business.

You have to submit your company proofs and documents to get KYC approved

How to Create an Online store?

To create a store click on create store button in your panel. Enter your store name, description of the store.

You can also offer free shipping to the customers if you are selling physical products. Also, Instamojo provides third-party integration for shipping.

Once this is done enter your contact details and click on create a store and your store will be created. Add a profile picture and start adding products to the store.

Now you can share the link with your friends or publish on social media and you can market your products.

How to add affiliate sales to the product?

Login to Instamojo and click on apps at the left side.


Visit the “Add Sales Affiliate app” and subscribe to the app.

Once you have enabled affiliates for your products, you will have affiliates option in the products. You can add users or invite users for affiliates.

The benefit of having affiliates is that others will sell your products and you have to pay them a small commission for selling your products. This is called Affiliate commissions. You can set the commissions for your products like 10% or 20% of sales value.

How to Create a payment link?

You can create a customized payment link for your customers. Just click on Create payment link and enter the amount and purpose of payment.  Once it’s done, Instamojo will share you a unique URL which you can share with your users.

There is a smart link feature where you can set an expiry date for the link and also you can allow customers to change the amount.

Some Quick tips for Store

  • Have a user name that is easy to remember. This will be made as your store link

  An example is

  My Instamojo link is my name which is nivethamuralidharan and hence my store link is

  So have a name that is easy to remember and represents you or your brand

  • Once you have established your link, dont change username again as it will change your link and old visitors cannot visit your store back with old links.
  • If you are selling physical products try to enable free shipping so that the conversion rate is high.
  • If you are selling digital goods, add free products to your listings and this will help you to create a brand.
  • Make use of affiliate marketing and enable affiliate links on your products and in this way you can enable affiliate sales for your products.
  • Instamojo payment gateway is an amazing platform to create your online store for free. But, there is one drawback. The seller cannot link it to his domain. Instamojo does not allow a seller to have a custom domain to his online store.

Is There any Restriction At Instamojo?

Instamojo payment gateway is an amazing platform to create your online store for free. But, there is one drawback. The seller cannot link it to his domain. Instamojo does not allow a seller to have a custom domain to his online store.

Moreover, you can change your username if you want. But, if you change your username after sending your store links or product links to your customers, they may not be able to see your store with the changed username.

Lastly, Instamojo only accepts payment in Indian Rupees.

This is the complete picture of Instamojo. It works as a great payment gateway for Indian e-commerce sellers to authors and freelancers.

So, if you are pretty much convinced about Instamojo, considering to create your online store here, you are in luck.


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