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Top Reasons On Why You Should Sell On Meesho

Ecommerce in India has revolutionized buying and selling on online platforms. There are many such online platforms, but few are easy to access and scale the business. One such online selling platform is Meesho.  

Meesho is an online selling platform that has made selling easy and hassle-free. It was founded by Indian entrepreneurs and believed by sellers and resellers across India. It has many benefits compared to other online platforms. Let us see the procedure involved in Meesho selling.

Register on Meesho:

Meesho has above crores of online shoppers looking forward to buying the products. To reach the first step is to register as a seller on Meesho. 

Following are the easy steps to sell on Meesho as a starter

 – Create an account on Meesho Seller Panel

 – Provide your email address and password

 – Provide your GST details

 – Enter the address to pick up the product

 – Provide your active bank details

 – Give seller details

Once the registration is complete, you join the 6,00,000+ sellers community. After providing all the details, the Meesho seller Panel is accessible. You can add here your product catalogs, manage the inventory, and process orders. You can also check your deposited balance and payment status on your Meesho Seller Panel.

Set Product Catalog and Gain Orders:

After registering on the Meesho Seller panel, creating and listing your products is a crucial step while selling on Meesho. Log in to the Meesho seller app and click on Catalog to upload your listing. You can upload in 2 ways: Add Catalog in bulk or Add Single Catalog.

How to add products in bulk?

  1. Click on add catalog in bulk. Type your product category in the search box and select it in the drop-down list. 
  2. Once you select the category, click on the download template, which will be an excel sheet.
  3. Fill out the template with all the relevant information about your product and save the template. Once you have finished, go back to the seller page and click Upload file, and you are good to go. 

How to do a Single Listing?

  1. On the Meesho seller home page, click on Catalog upload. 
  2. Click on Add Single Catalog
  3. Select your product category from the list provided.
  4. Upload the product images from your computer.
  5. Add product details. Fill out all the necessary information and click on Submit Catalog.

With catalog uploading, your page would set up from where selling happens. It is easy to set up your page and upload the Catalog. Upload using excel to make your job easy. Your products would go live in 72 hours, and you start receiving the orders.

Reasons why you should sell on Meesho:

Meesho is a leading e-commerce platform: 

On Meesho, selling your product becomes very easy. The simple way of product listing, low shipping costs, and safe and secured payments announce Meesho as a leading eCommerce platform for selling the products, reaching a wide range of customers.

Start your online selling with little investment:

On Meesho, you can start your business with little investment. You have to register on the seller panel and start listing your catalogs. There is a seller support team offering support 24×7 to start and grow your business.

No commission charged:

Meesho sellers no need to pay any commission charges to Meesho.

No cost-cutting:

Meesho sellers need not bear any cost-cutting on shipping fees against many big e-commerce giants cutting shipping charges from the final settlement.

Price Recommendation Tools:

To benefit from selling products at the best price offered in the market, used Meesho’s price recommendation tools to have a cutting edge over others in the market to gain sales growth and noticeability by the targeted audience.

Idle for both small and large sellers:

On Meesho, both small and established sellers of branded products benefit equally without making much investment compared to other e-commerce platforms.

Stress-free Shipping & Order Delivery:

On Meesho, there are no hassles in shipping your product. Once you receive a notification of the order received by email, you can confirm the order on the Meesho seller panel. On Meesho, your orders are supplied across India and shipped at a low price. The delivery partner ensures easy delivery at the doorsteps of your customers.

Customize the product and price details:

On Meesho, you can sell products you find interesting. By providing customized details about product descriptions, the customers and online shoppers find it unique and engaging to purchase. Meesho recommends a competitive price for your Catalog to boost your sales. 

Direct Payments Received in your Bank Account:

Once the sales process begins, you will receive a safe and secure payment directly into your account. It takes around 7 days to receive the payments after delivering the product, and the same applies to cash deliveries. All your payment amount includes receivables reflected on the Meesho Seller Panel.

So selling on Meesho is very easy, and anyone can do it with a simple format to follow. You can start selling on Meesho without much investment involved. You can do it from the comfort of your home. You can scale the business to the next level with the usage of advertising tools available on the panel. In this blog, we have covered various aspects that involve online selling through Meesho. If you want to learn how to start selling on Meesho with minimum investment, check out our advanced Meesho course. Use coupon code MEESHO to get it at 50% off. 

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