When it comes to searching for a job, it is overwhelming. It becomes harder and more complicated especially when the candidate is looking for a job or job change in the metro cities, like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, etc. It doesn’t matter to what major job portals you have broadcasted your resume it is up to the recruiter or the placement consultant to decide to call the applicant or not. And this decision is taken within the first 6-8 seconds he takes a glance at your resume.

So what exactly can grab the attention of the recruiter or placement agency at the very first moment?

It is the resume or CV of the applicant that should have the power to impress the recruiter, making his eyes glued to your resume. Do you want to become easily noticeable among the crowd? Only the best and reputable professional resume writing services can help you in creating the perfect resume, not exaggerated but impressive.


So, tell us, are you looking for a job change, want to broadcast your CV on the reputable job web portals?

Scouting around for the best resume writing service that can help you in writing your resume?

Scouting around for the best resume writing service that can help you in writing your resume? You have come to the right place. Newgen will make your resume supercharged and you will, for sure, get your dream job. Our team of talented and professional resume writing experts holds years of experience and knowledge in creating attractive resumes. They will pour in their knowledge and experience into your CV to make it the best among your competitors.

Why Is It Worth To Go for The Resume Writing Service?

Still not convinced enough? Check out the following points to learn about the advantageous benefits of hiring professional resume writers.

Professional Looks Matters

It is your resume that will give the first impression to the recruiter about you. It will help the recruiter to get a perception about your career, preferable job prospects, as well as of your personality. The resumes that the professional writers create looks neat and clean, crisp, error-free, attractive, and of course professional. A professional resume writing service helps the job seeker in earning interviews from reputable companies.

Hook The Resume With The Current Trends

A professional resume writer is completely aware of the current trends in the resume writing field, like the summery, core competency, etc. have taken the place of career objectives. He will update the approach of your resume, making it appealing to the ATS or Applicant Tracking System on the job web portals as well as to the employer. Your resume will get the best and latest design and craftsmanship so that it will go hand in hand with the employer’s requirements.

An Extra Sugar Coating On Your Writing

Writing in simple and crisp style is not everyone’s cup of tea. Most of the applicants face trouble in expressing what they actually want to say through words. Only a professional resume writer can weave your job prospects, career history, and accomplishments in a single thread that doesn’t only express the true sense but leaves an impact to the mind of the employer. The writing will be catchy, crisp, smart and error-free.


Bring The Essentials Under the Spotlight

What about the major accomplishments you have achieved? Do you know how to write them in your resume, so that they will not look like exaggerated? Only a professional resume writing expert can emphasize your qualification, accomplishments in such a brilliant way that will highlight your career and job prospects in the perfect way.


Even if we set aside the knowledge and expertise level of writing, resume writing seems to be time-consuming. Many of the job seekers unnecessarily spend weeks to a month in fine-tuning their CV. Besides the resume writing and updates, of course, you have other important things to do like preparing for the interview, becoming aware of the industry trends, etc. In that case, a professional writing service is a great option to save time and free your mind from resume writing hassles and burden.

How Newgen Can Help You Out In Resume Writing?

  • The professional resume writers of Newgen will hook your resume to the current trends of resume writing, adopting the latest and trending writing style.
  • We will assign your resume to one of our resume writers as soon as you come to us. You need to share the details of your job profile, qualification, and expectations.
  • Our talented resume writers will weave your resume based on the given information, showcasing your talent knowledge about the industry, highlighting your strength and experience.
  • The talented resume writers we have, are perfectly aware of the fact that only the text format of the resume is not enough to grab the attention of the recruiter or job placement manager. The writers will add visuals to enhance the impression of your resume.

Why Would You Choose Newgen?

Many of the reputable resume writing services are out there. Why would you choose the team of Newgen? Puzzled? Check out what we assure about our service below.


Newgen holds the best talented and experienced professional resume writers who have earned the peerless expertise and knowledge in resume writing through hands-on experience in this field. Our writers are completely aware of the latest trends of writing the resume, to make your resume and CV look the most appealing to the recruiter.

Myriad Level Of Expertise

Newgen resume writers know very well that an executive resume should differ from an entry-level resume, a government job resume should nothing alike to an industry-based resume. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong to, or a seeker of Government jobs, our writers will do their best to make your resume look suitable for your expected job field.


Newgen offers various affordable packages of resume writing, like resume and CV, resume and cover letter writing, resume along with cover letter and follow-up letters. You can choose any package according to your needs and affordability.

Maintained Confidentiality

We promise to not to disclose the confidentiality of your career information. Feel free to share your career history and job prospects with us without any hesitation. Remember, our resume writers can create a brilliant resume mirroring your qualification, job prospects, and accomplishments, only when you can share the full information with us.

Now you are convinced for sure about why you need to hire Newgen for writing your resume. So, what are you waiting for? Even a second counts. Contact us as soon as possible to get the best result.

Best of luck for the great career ahead.