Do you run an e-commerce website or run a brick and mortar store? When it comes to talking about GST return and filling, it doesn’t matter anymore. From the moment GST or Goods and Service Tax came into existence on the economic landscape of India, small, medium, large, every kind of business has been submerged within GST. This new taxation has already changed the tax-related overview of both the businessman and common people. In fact, GST registration is mandatory for all those who indulge themselves in buying and selling goods or provide any kind of services. You can do it by yourself or ask help to Newgen, reputable and reliable GST registration provider; get done with GST registration online. In this article, we are going to discuss GST and its registration procedure.

What Is GST?

Let’s revise. GST is the biggest and most important tax reform in India, absorbing all the indirect taxes, like VAT, CST, Central Excise duty, Service Tax, Entertainment Tax, etc. within it. From small to large business owners, even entrepreneurs, whose annual turnover 20 lakh rupees or more than that (except the northeastern zone, where the limit is 10 lakh), must go through GST return and fill.

What Is GST Registration?

GST registration is the first step to perform GST returns and filling. If your annual business revenue is 20 lakh or over it, unless you get registered to GST, neither you can sell your goods out of the state, nor get any tax refunds on purchases. GST registration onlineis a pan card-based, and state-specific procedure, not a complicated process; just fill in the application, provide your digital signature. The whole procedure may take 3-6 business days.

What Is GST Registration Number?

GST Registration Number is a fifteen-digit number, unique and identifying, allotted to each GST applicant. As GST registration is a Pan Number and State code-based procedure, it is obvious that the GST registration number will reflect Pan Card Number and state code. The first two digits mirror the state code, next ten digits represent the unique Pan number of the applicant, one digit shows the entity code, one digit remains blank and the last one is the check digit.

Who Should Register Their Business For GST?

How do you know that you are eligible for paying GST tax returns? Although it seems like a normal question, it has been a big confusion among the people in India, since GST came into existence. Check out the following points, and find out whether you have to pay GST or not.

Business Individuals registered under Service tax, Vat, Excise, entertainment tax, etc.
Business owners with a turnover above 20 lakh (for the north-east people the threshold limit is 10 lakh).
General taxable individuals.
Supplier agents or any kind of service providers.
E-commerce business owners.
A person who is providing online information or the access to a database to people from a location, outside the country.

Why Do You Need To Register For GST?

Following are few advantages of registration for GST; how the whole registration procedure will help your business and the ROI.

Make your Business More Competitive

Unless you complete the GST registration process, online or offline, you cannot sell your products or service out of the state. After a successful GST registration online, you will get a valid tax registration number that will help you in staying ahead of the competition. It will enhance the value of your business than the other non-GST registered business. Moreover, you can sell your products or service across the country.

Online Business Expansion

Those who are aspiring to develop an e-commerce website and sell your products online, your dreams will be shattered on the floor if you do not get a proper GSTIN (GST number) for your business. For the e-commerce website owners, GST registration online is a must.


Avail Of Input Tax Credit

Yes, it’s true. Only those who have accomplished the registration procedure for GST, can avail of input GST tax credit on their purchases, and cut off the cost.

Hence, registration for GST is crucial for both the tax returns, filling, and your business expansion. Without wasting a minute, you should get your GSTIN and make your business valid in the eyes of Government. It is not like that you will not get any assistance in the procedure of registration for GST. If you find the registration process too difficult to undertake on your own, you will find Newgen, a reputable GST registration provider by your side.

GST Registration Procedure

Newgen is a reputable leading GST registration provider, offering a range of services like income tax filing, GST returns filing, trademark filing, etc. to name a few. The efficient team of Newgen can help you in getting GST registration in India. If you submit the proper documents on our website, then the average timing will be only 5 – 10 working days.

With Newgen, the total process of GST registration will seem like a piece of cake. Let’s segment the whole Procedure of registration of GST into small parts, to make you understood how the whole process works out at Newgen.

Upload the required documents and essential information to Newgen web portal.
Select a package, and make online payments through the different available payment methods.
Place your order, and Newgen will assign your application to one of our tax professionals, who will scrutiny and evaluate your application for GST.
The efficient team of Newgen will file your application for Goods and Service Tax online, to the Government portal.
After submitting your application, we will provide you with a secured Application Reference Number (ARN) through email. With this number, you can track the status of your application online.
Whether you track the status of your application or not, we will do the tracking for sure. As the total procedure may take up to 6days, the moment we get your GST registered certificate from the Government web portal, we will first send a notification on your mobile number or through an e-mail, and then send your GST certificate.

Can there be anything hassle-free than this? Certainly not.

Still having doubt? Ask for a free consultation on GST and its registration online to the Newgen tax advisor.