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Get Shopify App in 60 Minutes Using Vajro

Gone are those days when we need to break our heads and create mobile apps just because online sales are booming and small retailers are jumping onto the e-commerce bandwagon. Time has changed, and mobile apps were only for large-scale businesses and companies. But that is just history now. Now small businesses are willing to have a custom mobile app to serve their clients better and see higher ROI. The world has gone entirely on mobile, and we can kiss goodbye to printing leaflets and advertisements, hanging billboards, and technical people handling customer queries. 

Mobile apps are a necessity for small businesses, and they are the driving force of success. People think they don’t need mobile apps to sell products to their loyal customers. With or without the mobile app, they can always retain them. They certainly don’t know what the future holds for them. 

Let me quickly take you through the importance of mobile apps for small businesses. 

Value to your customers 

Starbucks uses its mobile app to offer rewards exclusively for subscribed customers to their app. It encourages its customers to buy coffee from them. To add to this strategy, they even allow users to pay directly from the app, racing up the entire process and improving customer experience.

Building a stronger brand 

One of the salient features of mobile apps for business is that it offers an understanding and recognition of your brand to the customers for improved transmission. This stable relationship with your target market sows the seeds to grow trust and belief between you and your customers.

Better Customer Connection 

Mobile applications for businesses provide an interface to provide the customers with a seamless experience of studying and decision-making on the company’s products and services. As a primary means to improve customer service by most marketers, mobile apps ensure your business is always with your customer.

To boost your profit

If you have a mobile app that encourages your customers and excites them about your products and services, you have a spot in this ever-growing market.

Vajro- the Mobile app builder

Vajro, the mobile app builder, is hassle-free and user-friendly available both on iOS and Android. Vajro is a trusted partner of Shopify and Shopify Plus Brands. You can create your mobile app with zero coding in less than 60 mins. 

Vajro offers effective performance and innovative features to improve your mobile app retail experience. Vajro has a flawless drag and drops widgets to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind mobile app. Use Vajro to turn your creative ideas into your best eCommerce app. 

Vajro gives you a free trial for 60days. It provides a hand-on-experience to understand the app and its features in a real scenario. You have an option to know about the app during the free-trail period, and if you wish to continue, you can subscribe to it.

Let us look at the main features of the Vajro App to engage your audience.


Well-designed themes: You have many pre-defined templates to build your unique mobile application.

On-brand personalization: You have an option to customize your app to match your brand theme.

Widgets: 10+ widgets options are available to enhance the customer shopping experience.

Real-time changes: Get to know the real-time changes in the admin dashboard itself.

Custom Font: Make custom fonts for your brand through all platforms.

Web view: Replicate your website using web view.


Rich-Push Notifications: Send Video, Image or GIF notifications on a new product launch or for doing promotions.

Schedule Notifications: Schedule in advance and eliminate last minute tensions.

Advanced Targeting: Custom-made your campaign to a specific set of audiences.

Automated Push Notifications: Send automatic notifications to new customers or inactive customers.

Emoji Support: Emojis instantly attract customers as they have a high open rate.


Multiple login options: You can log in to the app from any platform like Google, Meta or Apple.

Smart search: Relevant products are displayed related to the keywords searched.

Maintenance mode: Through this feature, the customers could disable the app temporarily. 

Native blog: Publish your own blog in your app and connect it with your audience.

App-only discount: Offering more discounts or rewards to the app users.

App install prompt: It promptly reminds your customers to install your mobile app.


Multiple channels: Broadcast to different streams like mobile app, FB group, FB page, and Instagram page.

Auto invoice: Every shopper will receive an invoice through DM.

Barcode scanning: Get sales through the barcode scanner in no time.

Product Overlay: Customers can view product information and details through this feature. It makes the customer compare and choose among the best.

Comments Inbox: Respond to your customer queries.

Waitlist: Even when the product goes out of stock, customers can add them to their cart. Once restocked, customers will receive a notification.

Product drops: Leverage the advantage of social selling. Customers can able to purchase the products by dropping FB comments.

Cart hold: Customers can hold products in their cart within the specified time period. Once time lapsed, it will be available to other people.


Multilingual: Reach a larger audience by offering services in their language.

Multi-currency: It provides an option of accepting multi-currency. It further enhances the customer experience.

How does Vajro help in accelerating sales?

Vajro helps you with Live Video sales, AI-based product recommendation, Image search, Sort products without any integration, Recorder functionality, Deep linking, Facebook ad integration, Instagram Ad integration, etc. Through these features, one can accelerate sales by targetting the right audience.

Also, Vajro comes with a free trial which is sufficient time for a business to evaluate ROI. So it is a win-win! Vajro is so easy to use that you need less time to train your employees as it has a more straightforward and transparent user interface. 

Start your free trial now. If you are looking to launch your own Shopify app in the play store, contact Newgen.

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