Hello! Everyone. I am really excited to launch my Amazon seller course

About the course

Amazon Seller course is an online program. I have designed the course to walk you step by step methods to create an Amazon account, start listing, improve sales.

After the course, you can start selling on Amazon and improve sales. Also, you can start an agency company  helping e-commerce sellers

Bored of 9 to 5 Job. ?
Learn the tips and tricks of selling on Amazon and start your own business.

What are the modules covered in the course?

  1. Basic Introduction to Amazon seller central
  2. How to find the best selling products and source it
  4. How to list products single & Bulk
  5. How to use komod tool for listings
  6. How to create parent-child variation
  7. How to list existing products on Amazon
  8. How to list products with and without UPC
  9. How to optimize listings
  10. Automate pricing and its benefits
  11. Amazon Automatic ads
  12. Amazon Manual Ads
  13. Amazon Sponsor Brands ads
  14. Amazon Product targeting ads
  15. How to optimize ads
  16. How to download ads report and understand the progress
  17. How to change existing details on Amazon
  18. How to contact Amazon support for general queries and Brand infringement
  19. What is a Brand registry
  20. How to become SPN/ATES and make money

This is a prelaunch offer and the course is expected to launch in mid of May. The pre-launch offer value is Rs.2999 and the rates will increase without any notice and it may even double the current rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which language the course be delivered?

  The videos will be delivered In the English language


How will the videos be delivered?

  The videos will be delivered only for the purchased users through a portal. You can access using your email that you have used for purchase

Can I see the video anytime?

Yes, you can. You will have lifetime access to the videos

If there are any changes in Amazon polcies, will the videos be updated?

Yes, the videos will be updated regularly. Also, new videos will be added in addition to the above modules.

When will the course be launched?

The course will be launched in mid of May. The exact date will be announced shortly

Will I get access to video before launch?

Yes, I am planning to share completed videos by April, but the entire course will be available only on May

Who will get benefits from the course?

Amazon sellers and those who wish to earn money online and start your own business

Do you provide any job for freelancers?

Yes, we do. If you have completed the course, you will get a chance to get associated with my company as a freelancer or full-time employee.

Any queries drop an email to [email protected] or click on below button