How To Become Instagram Influencer And Earn Money

How To Become An Instagram Influencer and make money in 2019?

Do you know that you can make money on Instagram? Top Insta influencers are earning millions of dollars from Insta.

Business owners, marketers are now planning to invest billions of dollars in influencer marketing

Do you wish to become an influencer but not sure how to start? Let me share the step by step process to become an Insta Influencer.

What is an Instagram influencer?

People on social media platforms, especially on Instagram tend to follow the most visually mesmerizing and dynamic content or post.

An Instagram influencer is a person who can prompt others to follow his story, content, etc. If you can create astounding content, and drag others to like your post and follow you, you will become an influencer.

If your content is relevant, people, those are keen to read your content, or use your product, will start following you. With a perfect niche, creative, catchy and sensible content, you can get more and more followers, who will trust your opinion. You will become their influencer.

Do you remember the childhood advertisement where Sachin says “Boost is the Secret of my energy”? This made many people( including me ) buy boost and drink.

Celebrities had a great impact on our lifestyle in the past and now Instagram influencers take this chance.

How can you start

Select A Niche

When a social media website holds 800 million users, you need to stand out in the crowd, to become an influencer.

How can we do that?

You have to select a niche that you are passionate about. There are many niches like travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, crafting, etc., 

Make sure that you can be true to the niche and deliver the best content to your followers.

Consider below points before you select a niche

  • Select the niche that is trending
  • You can share consistent images to your audience.
  • Don’t fake showcase of passion. You cannot share tips on weight loss if you a fat person.
  • Add unique pictures and content. Don’t copy from the internet

Select a Proper user name:

Select a username which is easy to type or remember. You can have user name related to your name or your niche.

Instagram User Name tips

  • Keep it short
  • Avoid Offensive words
  • Don’t add a group of special characters or group of numbers like itsme265%. This will be too annoying.
  • You can use some online username generators as mentioned below

Don’t take too much in selecting a user name. Just go ahead.

Create A convincing Bio

Besides deciding a niche, it is similarly important to fine-tune your account. It is also the bio of a person that grabs the attention of the audience on Instagram.

Your bio would be one of the first few things that a famous brand or followers will see on your Instagram account.

If you have a blog or youtube channel, add the website link in the bio.

Below is one of the examples of perfect bio



Use Right Hashtags

When you plan to influence the audience on Instagram, or becoming important on this social media platform, then you must learn about what is most important to Instagram?

It is the hashtags. Hashtags will be that secret recipe that can make your post visible and searchable. So, try to keep your targeted audience in the mind, and select some popular hashtags according to your niche.

Remember, you must select trending and relevant hashtags for your post. You can add 30 hashtags for an Instagram post and 10 hashtags for an Instagram story.

Some hashtag tips
  • Use hashtags that have good search volume. You can search the hashtag in Insta and check how many posts are there for the same
  • Use only hashtags relevant to your category. This will help to focus more on your audience
  • Try different hashtags for the same post on Insta post and story. This will help you understand which hashtag has more reach
  • Don’t use high search volume hashtags. Since the competition is high, your post may not be discovered by others
  • In Insta story make the hashtags small and hide in the corner so that the users are not annoyed on seeing 10 hashtags

You can search a particular tag in the search bar and find the number of posts per tag as below:

insta hastag

Maintain the Quality

People like unique content. But when uniqueness, gets blended with high-quality, they praise and applaud.

Try to buy a DSLR if you can invest money. Click here to check the best camera for videos and photos. Also, check out Amazon DSLR buying guide .

If you don’t have a budget initially, get a high-end mobile phone. Learn some photo editing skills and make your photo look attractive. 

Oh, and don’t forget to add a catchy caption to the post. They will, for, sure seize the attention of your audience, making you famous.

Attractive photos and quality content, these two are the secret ingredients that you need to cook together to create an astounding post. After looking at your pictures, their caption, your audience cannot help themselves but start following you immediately.

However, don’t forget, both of your photos and stories have to be 100% genuine. With a copied story and similar photos, you can never win the hearts of your audience. So, come with your own stories, share them with the audience, and earn their trust. Your audience should have a true reason to follow you, and get engaged with you.

Post Content Consistently

How often one needs to post on Instagram?

Research shows, the most popular influences on Instagram, post at least once or two times a day. Why do they do ?

This enables them to make their audience glued to their Instagram profile. If you consider posting your images or publishing your content once a week is enough to pave your way of becoming an influencer, you are all wrong. People would not care to return to your profile and see your post.

So, it would be great if you post on Instagram once per day. You will become able to engage your audience with your ideas and talent.  What if you miss posting your content on Instagram?

You can check out a few tools on the web that can help you in scheduling your post and analyzing your Instagram account. All you need is to create your post earlier and schedule the date and time you wish to post them in public. Your content will be published automatically.

Engage Your Audience

Like all other social media platforms, Instagram is also a good place to keep their audience engaged. It is important that you start engaging your audience

How can we engage with them?

  • If a follower comments on your post, then give them your reply.
  • If someone likes or praise your post, show them your gratitude for liking your post.
  • You can host the quiz, giveaways among your audience. It will make your audience curious as well as surprised about your activities.
  • Follow other influencer’s account of similar niche. Engage yourself with their content and images, etc.

You can either follow the popular hashtags of your niche or go with the ‘Explore’ option of Instagram to find out the relevant content you can follow.

You can check out below accounts and understand how creative they areinsta account


Get In Touch With Famous Brands Of Your Niche

You started an Insta account, you started gaining followers and now it’s time to convert it into money.

The time has come for reaching out for brands. Find out the popular brands of your niche, or make a list of your favorite brands. You can directly send them mail, message or use brand wise hashtags to your post. Try to convince them why collaboration with you can affect their business.

At first, you may not get replies. But don’t lose hope, stay positive. If your pitch is good, convincing and profitable, they will get back to you for sure. Collaboration with other reputable brands will enhance the engagement level of your audience.

No method or strategy can make you an influencer overnight. First, you need to make yourself, your hobbies, or business great enough to influence others on Instagram. It is not a one-day procedure; it can take a few months. You have to be patient and consistent enough to follow these mentioned steps and taste the sweetness of success.

Some quick tips  to consider

  • Don’t be shy
  • Share your Insta profiles with your friends and family and ask them to share
  • Things need not be perfect. Be consistent
  • If any brands contact you for business collaboration, speak with them understand the entire process and start working
  • Share high-quality pictures to your followers.
  • If you see any negative comment on your profile. Don’t panic and abuse the followers. Just ignore it or reply them Interact with followers. When someones posts a reply respond them back. If they message you and ask queries please address it
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