Everyone wants to make an additional Income but many are stuck in finding the best one.
I am Nivetha Muralidharan and I have 5+ years of experience in e-commerce and I am gonna share one the best methods to make money online.

About the Course

Amazon Seller course is an online program. I have designed the course to walk you step by step methods to create an Amazon account, start listing, improve sales. After the course, you can start selling on Amazon and improve sales. Also, you can start an agency company helping e-commerce sellers. After the course, you can start selling on Amazon and improve sales. Also, you can start an agency company helping e-commerce sellers

About the course

Bored of 9 to 5 Job?

Learn the tips and tricks of selling on Amazon and start your own business.

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Excellent training !

The training provided by Nivetha was on point and very helpful. She patiently explained every piece of information and was available even after the training to help with my queries.  What’s even more commendable is that she’s available on call and email and gives timely updates and her knowledge is excellent.

Aanchal Aggarwal
Director / Pure living trading

Post- training Nivetha was supportive

We are happy with Newgen services and the training provided for our team members. Post-training, Nivetha was ready to support us for the queries

Co-founder / Placehap technologies

Let’s Dig Deep and Check what you are going to learn in the course

Amazon Best sellers

01 Basic Introduction to Amazon seller central

How to start selling on Amazon and what are the documents you need. How Amazon pricing and shipping mechanism works?

 02 How to find the best selling products and source it

What are the best selling products on Amazon and how to analyze them before we procure the products?


How to sell products on Amazon without any UPC code. What is ISBN,UPC,EAN & GTIN. How to get an exemption and start the listing work.

04 How to add/edit/delete products in single

A detailed session on how to add new products using a single listing method. Also, the module covers how to update/delete an existing listing

UPC code

05 How to update/delete listing in bulk

It is important to know how to udpate/ delete listings on bulk and this video is shared as a sample below

06 How to use Flat files and list products

Flat files are the best ways to list the products. Step by step guidance is provided to list the products on Amazon

07 List existing products on bulk and save time

This module explains the best way to list existing products on bulk

08 How to use komod tool for listings

Apart from the traditional methods of listings, a brief walkthrough to the komod tool is given where you can list products with your own catalog file

Product listing

09  How to create parent-child variation

Mapping products size wise or color wise helps in sales boost and the detailed information is shared in the module

10 How to optimize listings using keywords

Keywords play a major role in Amazon SEO. Below topics are covered in the module

How to find a keyword and which tool to use.

How to effectively use these keywords on Amazon

11 Automate Pricing & its benefits

Know about automatic pricing and when should you use them

12 Amazon Automatic ads

When you are launching a new product it is really important to understand which keywords work and which don’t.

Automatic keywords play a major role in this

Automatic pricing

14 Amazon Manual Ads

Manual ads are the key to success. Creating a perfect manual ad will help you to optimise the budget, spends, etc

15 Amazon Sponsor Brands ads

If your brand is registered on Amazon, then one should definitely try brand ads which help in brand visibility and sales

15 Amazon Product targeting ads

The Brand new product targeting ads are really helpful to boost your products on your competitor page

16 How to optimize ads

Once we have created the ads, we cant rest back. It is really important to analyze the reports and optimize our ad sets


17 How to download ads report and understand the progress

Amazon provides free ads report and through this, we can find out the negative keywords and the keywords that perform well

18 How to contact Amazon support for general queries and Brand infringement

If you are a seller on Amazon definitely you need support even if you know all the modules. Few technical issues can be resolved only when we contact support. This module covers the best way and the follow-up process for seller support

19 What is a Brand registry

If you have a trademark with the registered status you can register your brand with Amazon and protect your brand

20 How to become SPN/ATES and make money

Once you have completed the course, you have two options either you can become a seller or you can become a service provider who helps sellers in day to day activities and for sales boost. 

Brand Registry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - In which language the course be delivered?

Ans – The videos will be delivered In the English language.

Q - Is GST mandatory to sell on Amazon?

Ans – Yes, GST is mandatory for selling on Amazon. If you are planning to sell GST exempted products like books, then no GST is required

Q - How will the videos be delivered?

Ans – The videos will be delivered only for the purchased users through a portal. You can access using your email that you have used for purchase.

Q - Can I watch the videos on mobile?

Ans – Yes, you can access the videos on Mobile also

Q - Can I see the video anytime?

Ans – Yes, you can. You will have lifetime access to the videos.

Q - Who will get benefits from the course?

Ans – Amazon sellers and those who wish to earn money online and start your own business

Q - If there are any changes in Amazon polices, will the videos be updated?

Ans – Yes, the videos will be updated regularly. Also, new videos will be added in addition to the above modules.

Q - Do you provide any job for freelancers?

Ans – Yes, we do. If you have completed the course, you will get a chance to get associated with my company as a freelancer or full-time employee.

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