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10 Tools That Every Online Seller Should Know

Businesses require a whole lot of teams. And as a beginner, it becomes difficult to start with a big employee setup. But still, you can make a difference in your business and bring professionalism to your approach, impressing your clients with a timely response and providing the product of requirement. Many tools are available to help various business functions, like procuring raw materials to make a sale and marketing to maintain accounts and invoices. These tools enable product selection, your profits, and alerting about the costs involved. Relatively they enhance your social media content and manage your content on the blog to bring your business forward and sustain for a longer run in the market visibility and appreciation among your target audience.

Let’s see some tools that make a lot of difference for your business setup:


This tool does the functions of a graphic designer and brings the best content on social media platforms. It makes the job easy to create posts to promote your products or services. Additionally, it helps reflect your business ideas and communicate to the prospective stakeholders, recommended marketing layout, kits for media influencers, and enhances journal. You can upload your pictures, print them on mugs and t-shirts and customize them as needed. It will do the job of a graphic team and is available in a free version, providing 1000s and more layouts, free images, and pictures. This tool is one stop for your social media support. 


The tool is suitable for new business and running single-handedly. It will help in hiring content providers for marketing on digital platforms. It will bring freelancers to support social media marketing, content promotion, podcast creation, SEO writing, and marketing media strategy. This tool eases your job in content creation.


This tool does the functions of a social media manager. It helps in every aspect, from creating the content to timing the posts giving you visibility on social media platforms.


This tool is every content writer’s, right-hand man. It helps in sorting out writing issues and gives the best content review. It will highlight the spelling mistakes, sentence corrections, and grammar errors and suggest writing issues for promoting enhanced marketing content on social media and websites.


It is a paid tool that helps you listen to your customers. It is very part of the business to listen to your customers and respond on time. This tool lets you analyze and keeps track of your social media, enhancing your recognition among the audience.


The tool is tailor-made according to the customer’s requirement, helps provide social media support, creates a platform to integrate and communicate among its clients, and notifies the presence on social media platforms.


This tool is a must for a small team working remotely. It is a free tool that enables you to monitor the work done by your employees and yourself. You can assign the job and keep track of it. You can sort it out by giving a checklist, targets, projects in the pipeline, and the project’s turnaround. It also helps to assess the performance of your employees and can be sorted if there are any deviations. The free tool provides storage facilities and can add any number of members. It is a must for good execution and management of your project. The tool offers paid services with extra services provided.

Google Primer

This free tool is from Google giving you expertise in marketing and helping you to appreciate and understand marketing strategies and their various technicalities. It is a must-have tool for upgrading and refreshing your marketing knowledge and being at par with industry standards.


This tool is for signing contracts and making agreements. This tool will help validate digital signatures and provide contract management and agreement analysis as paid services.


This tool enables you to follow up for faster payments. You can raise an invoice, monitor payments, and send the receipts. It helps you keep track of receivables and check out clients.

As a beginner in online selling, your business model may be small, but it needs the same approach as a fully flourished business. So to operate under your budget and get the benefits of any well-budgeted business, these tools will come in handy. These act as your social media partners, marketing team, and bookkeepers, and it is the best way to cost-cutting and get the benefits through effective optimization of your funds. Additionally, these tools will make your presence felt and notify your audience about your existence, thus leading to higher business growth.




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